As Life Goes By

what seems to grow fairer to me

as life goes by is the love and grace and tenderness of it;

not it’s wit and cleverness and grandeur of knowledge

-grand as knowledge is-

but just the laughter of children

and the friendship of friends,

and the cozy talk by the fire,

and the sight of flowers,

and the sound of music.

-author unknown

she has a beautiful heart

beautiful heart/insight from a woman's heart

i sit and watch her from my chair

the morning sun upon her hair

wisps of blonde and brilliant red

like fire, rest upon her head

the kitchen counter full of spills

cereal, noodles, sugar, peels …

the mess is mine when she is done

but for the moment it’s all big fun

and as she stirs this mix with love

she beams a grin of pride~

for as she plays she opens wide

a heart of golden hues

she makes a gift to give away

and me…the mess…excused

this little one is mine to guide

toward beauty from the soul

i take the gift and know it’s true

there’s love within her bowl.

beautiful girls/insight from a woman's heart

my daughter and grand-daughter both have beautiful hearts.

they are truely my treasures.

i am feeling very grateful for the beauty in my life today!

i hope you have a beauty-full day as well!

thanks for stopping by…


a centered heart will allow the springs of life to flow

guard your heart/insight from a woman's heart

long life

health and wellness

a clear and open path

shining like the dawn

reaching full strength

reaching my full potential

are mine


i diligently


keep and guard

my heart

for day by day

i’m presented with


all within my control

i choose my role

as guard today

and protect

this precious gift

for wisdom centered

in my heart

will give my life

a springing flow

“keep and guard your heart with all vigilance…for out of it flows the springs of life.” Proverbs 4:23

happy father’s day


His steps are slower, laboured

No desire for using a cane

His hair is white as snow

A crown of wisdom gained

His heart is filled with memories

Love, he longs to share

Cherishing the moments

His eyes oft fill with tears

He lived & loved & worked to build

Foundations strong and clear

alive within his children’s heart

Beyond his journey here.

I love you, Daddy!

a little salute to those inspiring my blogging journey

Cover of "Pay it Forward"

Cover of Pay it Forward

i blogged yesterday about focusing the mind. one of the elements on my list to focus on was- “whatever is worthy of deep respect”. i am blessed to have many things both great an small that are worthy of respect in my life.

i re-watched the movie, Pay It Forward, today. the story is about a 7th grade boy who is asked to do a social studies assignment. the teacher asks the students to “backflip” the world into something better. the children are young so the teacher’s expectation is not high. however, Trevor (who has every reason to believe the world to be completely harsh and unchangeable), decides to help three people in need. instead of allowing them to “repay” his kindness, he asks them to “pay it forward” by doing something kind for three people and asking them to do the same. Trevor is convinced that his assignment was a major “fail” even though his teacher grades him on his effort and he gets an “A”. as the movie continues, it becomes apparent to Trevor, his mom and his teacher that the impact of this assignment reached further than any of them imagined it could. Trevor says in the movie that he thinks it’s because people are afraid that what they have to give will not matter so they allow fear to shut them down.

i am an infant in the blogging world. i have no idea how to even get up on my feet as yet. at the moment, my eyes are consuming the world around me in fascination. i am intrigued. i am challenged. i am curious.

Mayi Carles has inspired me. her warm, enthusiastic approach brightens my heart. although extremely different from my approach, she has set me on an exploration within my heart for enthusiasm. you should check out her blog on voicing- powerful, fun, encouraging. she has no idea the level of inspiration she has sparked in the heart of a woman at the bottom of the world. lol. i provide my thanks, click “like” and share a comment yet the depth of her impact (and the paths it will take me down) can not be conveyed. she will live in my thoughts for years to come. could she have imagined that when she began? probably not.

Sept2011 002 (2)

Kim (KBT) inspired me to grab hold of my love for photography as a creative expression. i realized after reading her blog on “faking it” that although i am not a professional, allowing this interest to flow through my daily life allows me to express my heart creatively. my creativity has sky rocketed. through the lens of my camera, i experience the world around me in a whole new light. i have always loved photography. it makes my heart happy. i have had many days of great pleasure as a result of crossing paths with this woman who is sharing her gift. she reminded me in her blog on “10 easy steps to become a miserable artist” that comparing my expression with others is not wisdom. will she fully understand the impact my life will receive? probably not.


meanwhile,melody’s musings and Penny from the why about this have caused me to reach for maturity and seasoning in my writing. both of these woman demonstrate depth and excellence in their writing. they inspire me to strive for excellence in what i want to share, to develop more passion and grow. this inspiration is bleeding to all aspects of my life. did they hope their voice would find significance? i’m sure they did. i doubt they will ever truly see the full impact to the thousands of lives they reach. none the less, it is a reality even if they never fully see it.

excellence/insight from a woman's heart

i’ve met so many people who under estimate their supply. i think we have all been there. i once shared something simple with a group of friends. i gave it very little thought until one day i realized,” wait a minute. this has spread quite a bit further than i ever imagined!” i had no idea. i was a bit amazed. it opened my eyes to the fact that my circle of influence is real and the relationships within it pay attention.

the movie, “Pay It Forward” reminds me that i don’t always get to tangibly see, hold or feel the impact i am having. reminding me to make sure i don’t allow myself to stop being me because there is no immediate gratification.

i hope that you won’t either.

today, i celebrate and give well deserved honor to the bloggers who have inspired me. there are many more than i have mentioned today. i ask for your patience because i have not always pressed the “like” button or commented as often as i should have. i am still learning. i am still an infant blogger. i will find my feet. however, i want you all to know that nonetheless, the impact is there. i appreciate your contribution to my journey.

i also want my readers to know that i appreciate your contribution as well. the impact of you stopping in your day to read my blog means so much to my heart.

i encourage you to celebrate and honor the people who are encouraging you on your journey. smile at a stranger. reach out. express. impact. even if you never see the result. it may very well help change the world.


your heart has a melody…let it sing

sing your song/insight from a woman's heart

my song

lifts my heart

cheers my soul

frees my spirit

clears my mind

dispel the darkness of my day

detours my doubts


fills me up…

my song.

the melody of me