The Lessons My Tears Have Taught Me

There are days that words just can not be found,

When my heart is heavy and full of pain or disappointment or empathy.

Then tears release like rainfall communicating more deeply than mere words ever

Tears prove that I am alive. That I am paying attention. That I have passion. That I care.

I once despised my tears.

But I learned that when I sow in tears, I reap in joy.

I learned that my tears help my eyes and heart see my future more clearly.

I learned that I don’t have to hide my pain, mask my heartache or cover my tears.

I learned that they have purpose.

And I learned that they matter:

“You record my journey; put my tears into Your bottle—are they not in Your book?” -Psalms

For once they have fallen, I can stand with my face looking upward and walk back into the sunshine of my life.

The tears have dried,

My heart has healed,

And color and beauty emerge once more.

One Word Photo Challenge: Rain


17 thoughts on “The Lessons My Tears Have Taught Me

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