Enveloped within in each tiny seed is hope. There is more than a wish within its contents. There is promise and potential and grand purpose. 

We must reach beyond what we can see. 

Life is enveloped within the seed.



Oak trees.



It’s hard to imagine the full potential in small beginnings.

But it’s there. 


Unfolding it is simple.

Don’t hold too tightly to what is.


Give in and accept change.

Allow time.

Reach for what can be.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped



Dreamy moments

just me and my thoughts

the capacity to overcome the constraints of the present

and travel to distant places and epochs all in the mind

—our inner stream of images

simple value

and enjoyment

private experiences

the risk of wasting a certain amount of time

 producing effective planning


 time to reflect, imagine, or daydream

gives us enormous possibilities

for realizing our deepest desires

Dream on!

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An Appetite For Solitude

A heart alone doesn’t always mean lonely.

Lonely is painful.

Solitude is quiet; the only secure place in a noisy world.

The perfect getaway is seclusion.

Like the wonderful silence just before the dawn,

or the quiet and calm of an ending storm.

The hush of a country road at night,

Or the moment after a door closes tight.

A place of gentle repose,

-a chance to cultivate and recompose

a quiet heart .

Solitude expresses the glory of being

as simply and honestly as you can manage.

Renewing your strength and taking advantage

of companionship: first, just you -your insignificant self,

and then God, as continued moments shift your focus

to sensing his acceptance and grace.

It is a most beautiful place if you listen carefully.

The trouble is not really in being alone; but in being lonely.

And lonely, sometimes, is a fresh appetite for solitude.


One Word Photo Challenge: Cerulean

don’t just live life…illuminate it

20140306-104140.jpggive life

everything you got

sparkle and shine

light it up.

resplendence abounding,

embellished with grace,

an offering of richness,

not just filling space.

don’t just live life…illuminate it,

The Journey of Friendship

there are many routes into a person’s heart

which makes you a treasured friend.

each act of kindness.

each moment shared.

each word of praise or comfort.

these are the ways-

the paths, which through time become highways, along which lie

the journey of friendship.
-Stuart and Linda McFarlane

reader response: “Do you have a favorite place to rejuvenate the soul”


i posed a question to my readers and promised to share the results. thank you so much for those of you who took a few moments of your day to share with me your favourite beautiful place to rejuvenate the soul.

i never cease to be amazed at the soothing sensation that overtakes me as i steal away for a few quiet moments to be alone, stop the madness of my day and breathe in the fresh air around me.

although, i may never be able to visit your favourite place, i can share the appreciation of a rejuvenated soul that results from the solitary moments in a beautiful place. The results are as follows:

Ariffa of Hope, Honor and Happiness wrote, “Pray and spending time with a loved one”.

Lori, a facebook friend (and BFF) wrote, “A large rock to sit on with either a view of mountain overlooks, a lake or a creek. Also, a leisure walk on beach or through a forest.”

Julie, a facebook friend wrote, “on my motorcycle on the open road.”

Jo, a facebook friend wrote, ” Central Otago.” (Central Otago is a beautiful district in New Zealand)

Maria, a facebook friend wrote, “In my boat or my bedroom.”

Julia, a facebook friend wrote, “Whigg’s Meadow (mountain) and the shore. Ahhh! So close to magnificent creation!!”

Ladies, these are all wonderful offerings.

Julia, i must say i agree, “magnificent creation”.  whether the ocean, a friend, the forest or a mountain, all are amazing components of the creation we are a part of and each beautiful in its own way. your choice of words inspired the poem below. thank you.


magnificent creation

to which i belong

abounding in harmony

magnificent and strong

i sit here among you

adoring the view

grateful and calming

my soul is renewed

i whisper a “thank you,

Creator of all”

this gift shows your nature

my heart is enthralled


thank you to all of my readers who took the time to read and share with me. i am inspired.

i look forward to hearing from your hearts again soon,












she has a beautiful heart

beautiful heart/insight from a woman's heart

i sit and watch her from my chair

the morning sun upon her hair

wisps of blonde and brilliant red

like fire, rest upon her head

the kitchen counter full of spills

cereal, noodles, sugar, peels …

the mess is mine when she is done

but for the moment it’s all big fun

and as she stirs this mix with love

she beams a grin of pride~

for as she plays she opens wide

a heart of golden hues

she makes a gift to give away

and me…the mess…excused

this little one is mine to guide

toward beauty from the soul

i take the gift and know it’s true

there’s love within her bowl.

beautiful girls/insight from a woman's heart

my daughter and grand-daughter both have beautiful hearts.

they are truely my treasures.

i am feeling very grateful for the beauty in my life today!

i hope you have a beauty-full day as well!

thanks for stopping by…


10 things that you are not doing when you forgive

love like you've never been hurt/insight from a woman's heart

love never fails

perfect love casts out fear

my heart can not believe

when my eyes are full of tears…

how in the world

can my heart fully live?

it must confront the offense

provide a decision – forgive.

70 X 7

seems a big price to pay

but less of a price

than giving happiness away.

when broken and wounded

my heart will not heal

by building a dwelling

on a past, distant hill.

forgiveness becomes

the key in my will

…my heart living freely

present and still.

when i cut my finger, i protect and nurture it as the healing process takes place. i don’t keep digging at it, irritating it and reopening it- healing never occurs when i do that. i allow the necessary time to heal the wound from the inside out…and once it’s healed…i leave the experience behind me and use that finger like it was never injured.

forgiveness is an important part of healing the heart. protect and nurture it as it heals…but don’t keep the wound forever bleeding…apply the salve of forgiveness and allow the heart to love like it had never been hurt. it will heal. if i let it.

10 things you are not doing when you forgive…you are NOT:

  1. ignoring the offense
  2. justifying the injustice
  3. immediately re-trusting
  4. reconciling
  5. immediate healing
  6. forgetting
  7. waiting for an apology
  8. enabling a recurrence
  9. expecting forgiveness to be a one time event
  10. gaining power over the offender

forgiveness is a gift…given to the heart…a permission to live on…pursue happiness…live large…to love again.

“Be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving one another…” -Paul to the Ephesians

…..for we have been forgiven many times.

Look forward to seeing you soon,