An Appetite For Solitude

A heart alone doesn’t always mean lonely.

Lonely is painful.

Solitude is quiet; the only secure place in a noisy world.

The perfect getaway is seclusion.

Like the wonderful silence just before the dawn,

or the quiet and calm of an ending storm.

The hush of a country road at night,

Or the moment after a door closes tight.

A place of gentle repose,

-a chance to cultivate and recompose

a quiet heart .

Solitude expresses the glory of being

as simply and honestly as you can manage.

Renewing your strength and taking advantage

of companionship: first, just you -your insignificant self,

and then God, as continued moments shift your focus

to sensing his acceptance and grace.

It is a most beautiful place if you listen carefully.

The trouble is not really in being alone; but in being lonely.

And lonely, sometimes, is a fresh appetite for solitude.


One Word Photo Challenge: Cerulean

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