Bluff, NZ

Beautiful Port Town

Lori NZ 2009 094

     End of the South Island Road

         bluff pyster

Home of the Iconic Bluff Oyster

Dee's photos 3047

Where my husband farms bluff oysters

2013.Ja (22)

and the oyster fleet…dredges for them

2013-06-06 12.21.43

the busy port welcomes ships from around the world

Bluff Harbour.sawdust2009

and exports goods (that’s one big pile of saw dust!)


boats of all kinds…fishing

Feb2013 (601)


2005 Bluff (3)

i’ve even been known to try my hand in a dingy

Feb2013 (597)

Beauty all around us.

Feb2013 (20)

2013 (21)



2013-06-07 15.45.57

Feb2013 (31)

Bluff…majestic views. lovely seafood, beautiful trails and beaches…if you find yourself near the end of the road…you might just be in Bluff.

Stop in.

2 thoughts on “Bluff, NZ

  1. Hi, we have been there, on our second trip to beautiful NZ. It was so windy, we could stand in 45 degree in front of the lighthouse. Totally amazing. We have seen many places on the north and south island. It was the best time of our lives. I will definitely FOLLOW your blog. All the best from the northern part of Germany. Reinhold

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    • Reinhold, I am pleased to have you following my blog. Welcome and thank you.

      The winds here can blow violently, this is true. Thankfully, we are enjoying a beautiful summer unlike we’ve seen in many years so the winds are gentle at the moment.

      I find it quite amazing that technology allows us to connect with people who have shared similar experiences in similar places.

      Have a lovely week.

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