beautiful NZ

i thought i would share some of the


i have found in NZ.

I hope you enjoy.

Jan 2010 076Albertown, NZ

Jan 2013 (28)

Jan 2013 (18)

Jan 2013 (176)

Jan 2013 (178)

Jan 2013 (211)

Jan 2013 (232)

January2013 (69)

January2013 (226)

January2013 (218)

2013-01-21 09.57.10

Albertown is located a few kilometres outside of Wanaka, NZ. it is my favourite freedom camping spot about 3 hours from my home. the water is clear and beautiful. the busy world seems to silence it’s self and calm down out here. i love to sit in the sunshine and read while my family plays doing other things.

More to come…later gator.

(all pictures are property of insight from a woman’s heart 2013)


Beautiful Port Town

Lori NZ 2009 094

     End of the South Island Road

         bluff pyster

Home of the Iconic Bluff Oyster

Dee's photos 3047

Where my husband farms bluff oysters

2013.Ja (22)

and the oyster fleet…dredges for them

2013-06-06 12.21.43

the busy port welcomes ships from around the world

Bluff Harbour.sawdust2009

and exports goods (that’s one big pile of saw dust!)


boats of all kinds…fishing

Feb2013 (601)


2005 Bluff (3)

i’ve even been known to try my hand in a dingy

Feb2013 (597)

Beauty all around us.

Feb2013 (20)

2013 (21)



2013-06-07 15.45.57

Feb2013 (31)

Bluff…majestic views. lovely seafood, beautiful trails and beaches…if you find yourself near the end of the road…you might just be in Bluff.

Stop in.

(all pictures are property of insight from a woman’s heart 2013)

12 thoughts on “beautiful NZ

  1. So beautiful Dee! Thanks for sharing your world.
    If we didn’t live in Australia we’d live on the South Island. It just makes your heart open up and breathe!
    We had a wonderful tramping holiday there 10 years ago! Helicopter on Franz Josef, part of the Milford Track, Queen Charlotte Sound. We never did get to the North Island. Yep, slice of heaven! CC


    • Thank you, CC. I love how you put that “it makes your heart open up and breath!” The South Island has so much to offer and I’ve only sampled a small portion of it’s beauty. I want to visit Australia as well. A few years ago my family got the $1 Virgin Airlines birthday fares. It was fun to take a trip with just a couple gold coins! Lol. We haven’t been back except for lay overs traveling to other destinations but it’s definitely on the bucket list. Thank you so much for sharing your comments with me today.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad. Thanks for stopping by…did you enjoy a cuppa as you browsed through? I like to imagine it a cyber coffee date…I am so happy to have had you visit my blog.

      Have a great day! (Or evening depending on where you are in this big world…it’s noon here in NZ at the moment).


    • Thank you very much for reading and I am glad you enjoyed the information. Nz is very beautiful and I believe a must see for anyone looking for a great vacation/holiday destination. It’s a extreme adventurer’s dream-land. Beautiful scenery and landscapes as well.

      Thanks for stoping by!
      Have a great day!


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