Enveloped within in each tiny seed is hope. There is more than a wish within its contents. There is promise and potential and grand purpose. 

We must reach beyond what we can see. 

Life is enveloped within the seed.



Oak trees.



It’s hard to imagine the full potential in small beginnings.

But it’s there. 


Unfolding it is simple.

Don’t hold too tightly to what is.


Give in and accept change.

Allow time.

Reach for what can be.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

could i have more time today, please?

deeclarknz.comtoday was one of those days that i wished i could cram a few more hours into the day. i contemplated my list of things “to do”; laundry, floors, gardens, business emails, and paperwork.deeclarknz.com

however, the sun was shining today. that hasn’t happened very often this summer (and now autumn has begun). i imagined that long walk that i keep putting off because the weather has been crook. i also wanted to visit some of my fellow bloggers and meander through their posts. i was yearning to write as well. although, i am still learning i have found a passion ignited deep inside of me for sitting with my thoughts and then getting them down. i have women that i am sharing some of my life experiences with and so my thoughts and prayers were lingering with them as well. i needed more time today if i had any chance of getting it all accomplished.

deeclarknz.commore time in my day was not available. i decided to grab one more cup of coffee and stroll down the halls of the blogosphere. along the way, i visited miss managing. i find her photographs intriguing since i am a budding photographer (ok, i’m a wanna-be but photography and my camera make me happy). she posted a video entitled 10 reasons you should never get a job by Ralph Smart. although, his approach is so much different than mine, he made a couple of good points about working for yourself…one, when you work for yourself you are not trapped by a time clock and secondly, that you also have the freedom to form your day anyway you like.

deeclarknz.comhe had a point…it was a rather good point at that. i do not have the constraints i once had on my 9 to 5 job (cough, cough…because it was never just 9 to 5). i am blessed to have the flexibility to make this day go in any direction. deeclarknz.comi dusted off my tennis shoes because i was going to actually start that daily 3k walk that i had procrastinated for far too long. while i was at it, the camera might as well be my companion.

deeclarknz.comthe sea air hit my nostrils and it was a perfect time to take a few deep breaths. i could feel anxiety waft away with every exhale. i was ready. the first thing i noticed was the harbour was alive with boats this morning…coming in…and going out.

deeclarknz.comthe oyster boats were coming in with their catches and the ferry was heading to Stewart Island to deliver tourists.

deeclarknz.comthe birds were as happy as i was that the sun was shining…fluttering and singing away…they seemed cheerful which made me smile.

deeclarknz.comthe last of the season’s flowers were beginning to show signs that autumn was appearing but final blooms were bursting forth as if to kiss the sun a few final times.

deeclarknz.comthe horizon was not obstructed by clouds or fog today so even the distant light house was in full view.

deeclarknz.coma varied from my path for a few moments of rock time and watch the water glisten and splash…

deeclarknz.comand focused on the small plants living beneath the clear water.

deeclarknz.comand, yes, i stared at the deep blue water hoping that i might catch a glimpse of a passing whale…but not today…that dream lives on in my heart destined for another time.

deeclarknz.comi reached my turn around point and headed back home. as i walked, Marv and Ann were just arriving at their home. i planned to give a cheerful, “good’ay” (it’s the one kiwi saying i take most pleasure in attempting to copy). he spoke first, “are you a local?” “i am now”, i replied. we chattered away for several minutes and just as i thought we were completing the conversation, Marv asks, “would you like a cup of tea?” this is where i am always jolted back into the reality that i am an american in a differing culture. i always considered my family to be hospitable but when a totals stranger whom i have met only moments before invites me into their home from off the street…i never ceased to feel anything but amazement. i accepted the invitation. we shared an hour sipping a cup of tea while Marv and Ann gave me some history on Bluff (after all, Marv has lived in Bluff for 80 years) and the Mutton Bird Islands. in his younger days, Marv was an oysterman which was fascinating since my husband and i now farm oysters.

deeclarknz.comthe clam shells from Fiji in Ann’s garden sparked more conversation and Ann gave me a tour of her beautiful gardens.


i headed back home with a song in my heart…i did a bit of reading to start my morning, i enjoyed my walk, i met new friends, i snapped a few photographs, sat on a rock listening to the waves crash in, and now i am back home putting a few of my thoughts down…

and it’s still early afternoon…

i might not need added hours in this day…

i think i’m on a pretty good roll!

i certainly hope that you are enjoying your day as well.


Time Enjoyed is Not Wasted


my body needs good nutrition. a healthier diet keeps my body strong enough to fight off disease like breast cancer. i love sweets but following my breast cancer treatments my doctor warned against a diet high in sugar. the cancer cells thrive on sugar. who’da thunk it? i definately do not want to fight that battle again.

i’ve learned that in hardship and difficulties i become stronger in spirit. i imagine it’s like drinking one if those cleansing-green-smoothie drinks that i have to hold my nose to get it down. yeah, we know- “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”. some of us should be the Incredible Hulk by now, right? however, after the fact, i’m grateful for what i’ve learned in those times because the benefit is a nourished, healthy spirit. difficult days no longer turn my world completely upside down.

then there’s the soul-the emotional part of who we are. nourishing the soul, in comparison, is much more delightful. encouragement, gratitude, relaxation and doing something enjoyable nourishes the soul.

seems too easy.

feels like we should feel guilty.

it feels like wasted time.

good nutrition can feel like deprivation. hardship is, well, hard! how refreshing to know that nourishing the soul occurs by taking some time-out to just enjoy yourself.

resist the temptation to put it off…

it’s not lazy, wasted effort or time, nor is it selfish…

what it is…is necessary…

so, don’t procrastinate…make it a priority to nourish your soul everyday.

you will build well-balanced emotions.