Time Enjoyed is Not Wasted


my body needs good nutrition. a healthier diet keeps my body strong enough to fight off disease like breast cancer. i love sweets but following my breast cancer treatments my doctor warned against a diet high in sugar. the cancer cells thrive on sugar. who’da thunk it? i definately do not want to fight that battle again.

i’ve learned that in hardship and difficulties i become stronger in spirit. i imagine it’s like drinking one if those cleansing-green-smoothie drinks that i have to hold my nose to get it down. yeah, we know- “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”. some of us should be the Incredible Hulk by now, right? however, after the fact, i’m grateful for what i’ve learned in those times because the benefit is a nourished, healthy spirit. difficult days no longer turn my world completely upside down.

then there’s the soul-the emotional part of who we are. nourishing the soul, in comparison, is much more delightful. encouragement, gratitude, relaxation and doing something enjoyable nourishes the soul.

seems too easy.

feels like we should feel guilty.

it feels like wasted time.

good nutrition can feel like deprivation. hardship is, well, hard! how refreshing to know that nourishing the soul occurs by taking some time-out to just enjoy yourself.

resist the temptation to put it off…

it’s not lazy, wasted effort or time, nor is it selfish…

what it is…is necessary…

so, don’t procrastinate…make it a priority to nourish your soul everyday.

you will build well-balanced emotions.