deeclarknz.comI absolutely love the feel of the sun’s warmth on my face. I always have. When the chill of winter disappears, I’m in heaven. Every fiber of my being comes alive. A warm glow surfaces to my outlook, thawing my mind and muscles. It’s like a blanket that warms my heart and ignites the inward, hidden parts of my soul. Mornings are my favourite; the beauty of sun light, drinking in it’s warmth on my face and sipping from a steaming mug.

I am smitten with the sun. The warmth reminds me of love.

Or a friend seated across the room in the cozy chair, warming my heart.

Or resting my head on a friend’s shoulder letting the fuzzy warmth of her hug flow through me. The kind of warmth that clicks your bones back into place, smooths out your muscles and make your blood sing a soft lullaby all the way around your body.

Love is that micro-moment of connection that you share with another living being; showing some warmth to get warmth in return.

I smile with relief knowing somebody found ways to love me.

Love comforts, it is gentle, it is warm and you can feel it within your entire being.

Like dozens of luxurious satiny pillows, embracing you from all directions into safe lulling warmth, isolating you from the sharp cold edges of the world.

“If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it.” (Lucy Larcom)

Love is so irresistibly beautiful…

Our love should radiate like the sun, warming everything it touches.

Imagine that the sun is shining in your heart. Allow it to light it up so that there are no dark corners.

Everything is pure and clear and the warmth of the sun in your heart fills you from head to toe with a sense of wellbeing.

Let it surround you with the feeling of a warm embrace.

Open your heart as wide as you can so that the sun in your heart has a chance to go as far as possible with its beautiful rays of light and its nourishing strengths.

Let it shine upon the people near to you. Let your heart bring warmth and love to the people that you know or can think of, have heard about or seen, or just assume to be there.

The sun is capable of nurturing growth. Feel love take root in your heart and spring upward.

The more strength it has, the more warmth others will feel.

Give the gift of love and compassion and care and concern.


All the statistics in the world can’t measure the warmth of a smile.

It expresses love and tenderness.

Keep each other warm. Share your strengths.

Feel the buoyancy and the lightness that comes from giving love. Your heart will light up, and be nourished.

The sun on my face and in my heart reminds me of warmth, clarity, and deep satisfaction.

Try it. Turn your face upward and let the the sun warm you through and through.

Bask in the moment. Experience the warmth. Feel the refreshing.

(And should the sun be hiding behind a cloud where you live…open your heart, it feels pretty much the same.)


The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

Sunshine and Smiles

There are days when I am too shy to speak to strangers but those are days that I just walk down the street smiling at everyone I pass by.

I have found an amazing truth in this exercise: the person I smile at smiles back.

Every time.

It makes me wonder if there is an involuntary response that emerges from deep in our souls.

What do you think?

Have you noticed how people respond when you smile at them?

Give it try.

See how many people you smile at smile back. Then let me know if it’s just me or if I’m right…

people always smile back.

Just wondering…😀

could i have more time today, please?

deeclarknz.comtoday was one of those days that i wished i could cram a few more hours into the day. i contemplated my list of things “to do”; laundry, floors, gardens, business emails, and paperwork.deeclarknz.com

however, the sun was shining today. that hasn’t happened very often this summer (and now autumn has begun). i imagined that long walk that i keep putting off because the weather has been crook. i also wanted to visit some of my fellow bloggers and meander through their posts. i was yearning to write as well. although, i am still learning i have found a passion ignited deep inside of me for sitting with my thoughts and then getting them down. i have women that i am sharing some of my life experiences with and so my thoughts and prayers were lingering with them as well. i needed more time today if i had any chance of getting it all accomplished.

deeclarknz.commore time in my day was not available. i decided to grab one more cup of coffee and stroll down the halls of the blogosphere. along the way, i visited miss managing. i find her photographs intriguing since i am a budding photographer (ok, i’m a wanna-be but photography and my camera make me happy). she posted a video entitled 10 reasons you should never get a job by Ralph Smart. although, his approach is so much different than mine, he made a couple of good points about working for yourself…one, when you work for yourself you are not trapped by a time clock and secondly, that you also have the freedom to form your day anyway you like.

deeclarknz.comhe had a point…it was a rather good point at that. i do not have the constraints i once had on my 9 to 5 job (cough, cough…because it was never just 9 to 5). i am blessed to have the flexibility to make this day go in any direction. deeclarknz.comi dusted off my tennis shoes because i was going to actually start that daily 3k walk that i had procrastinated for far too long. while i was at it, the camera might as well be my companion.

deeclarknz.comthe sea air hit my nostrils and it was a perfect time to take a few deep breaths. i could feel anxiety waft away with every exhale. i was ready. the first thing i noticed was the harbour was alive with boats this morning…coming in…and going out.

deeclarknz.comthe oyster boats were coming in with their catches and the ferry was heading to Stewart Island to deliver tourists.

deeclarknz.comthe birds were as happy as i was that the sun was shining…fluttering and singing away…they seemed cheerful which made me smile.

deeclarknz.comthe last of the season’s flowers were beginning to show signs that autumn was appearing but final blooms were bursting forth as if to kiss the sun a few final times.

deeclarknz.comthe horizon was not obstructed by clouds or fog today so even the distant light house was in full view.

deeclarknz.coma varied from my path for a few moments of rock time and watch the water glisten and splash…

deeclarknz.comand focused on the small plants living beneath the clear water.

deeclarknz.comand, yes, i stared at the deep blue water hoping that i might catch a glimpse of a passing whale…but not today…that dream lives on in my heart destined for another time.

deeclarknz.comi reached my turn around point and headed back home. as i walked, Marv and Ann were just arriving at their home. i planned to give a cheerful, “good’ay” (it’s the one kiwi saying i take most pleasure in attempting to copy). he spoke first, “are you a local?” “i am now”, i replied. we chattered away for several minutes and just as i thought we were completing the conversation, Marv asks, “would you like a cup of tea?” this is where i am always jolted back into the reality that i am an american in a differing culture. i always considered my family to be hospitable but when a totals stranger whom i have met only moments before invites me into their home from off the street…i never ceased to feel anything but amazement. i accepted the invitation. we shared an hour sipping a cup of tea while Marv and Ann gave me some history on Bluff (after all, Marv has lived in Bluff for 80 years) and the Mutton Bird Islands. in his younger days, Marv was an oysterman which was fascinating since my husband and i now farm oysters.

deeclarknz.comthe clam shells from Fiji in Ann’s garden sparked more conversation and Ann gave me a tour of her beautiful gardens.


i headed back home with a song in my heart…i did a bit of reading to start my morning, i enjoyed my walk, i met new friends, i snapped a few photographs, sat on a rock listening to the waves crash in, and now i am back home putting a few of my thoughts down…

and it’s still early afternoon…

i might not need added hours in this day…

i think i’m on a pretty good roll!

i certainly hope that you are enjoying your day as well.


my pathway always leads home

20131003-131928.jpgthis is my morning project.

the sun is shining so it’s a great day to be outdoors.

there was a big mud hole we had to walk through every time we can through so I used some pallets to make a walk way.

i lined the path with my river stones…remember, the ones I collected while on holiday last December? i used them to remind me (as a memorial) of all i’ve been through since i came to NZ and how everytime, God made a way through.

now, they line my pathway…reminding me my journey is not complete and there is always a pathway home!

have an awesome day, everyone!

i hope the sun is shining in your heart!

it never rains forever

20130916-232537.jpgwhere i live in Southland, New Zealand, it rains a lot. i’ve heard people say that the rain and resulting green grass are part of the reason that farming is so successful here.

even with the benefits it brings, the farmers don’t want it to rain everyday.

thankfully, it doesn’t.

be encourage that the rain comes for specific, beneficial reasons…

but it won’t always rain…

the sun will shine again!

and even if it’s raining on the outside, keep the sun shining in your heart.


spring is when life is alive

springtime brings life/insight from a woman's heart

i already know that many of my readers from across the Pacific will find this strange…i live here and i find it strange to be heading into springtime in September. nonetheless, springtime is on it’s way in New Zealand. the sun’s warmth is wrapping itself around the winter-dwellers beckoning life to come forth. there will be yawns from the slumbering ones. reaches of stretching as muscles awake. hibernation is over. the air is infused with the fragrance of spring. life is alive in everything…it’s spring.spring

Kindness is Sunshine on a Cloudy Day


i am grateful for the miracles
that have shown up in my life
at just the right time!

be someone’s sunshine today…

Have a great day!


sharing “blog-love’: … in the light…

i wanted to share this lovely lady’s post today. such a powerful nugget of wisdom. i would like to remind my readers that no matter your situation…turn your face toward the sun! thank you, KBT for sharing your heart with us today!
(KBT, i hope i have gone about this the right way. if not, please let me know and i’ll correct what i need to..i’m pretty new to the whole blogging thing).


peony light 72

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you. 

                                                                               ~Maori Proverb

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