i won! spring challenge

deeclarknz.comi was freezing yesterday. chilled to the bone. not even my electric blanket was taking the chill off. the temptation to whine was overwhelming.

i didn’t … whine…

because i’m participating in the 5 days of positive or being grateful challenge on Facebook…i stayed focused…NO complaining.

however cold yesterday was…the signs of spring are beginning to appear.

we have noticed that the grass is beginning to grow again in our yard. my husband said to me the other day, “spring is not far away if the grass is growing again and that means that it’s almost lambing time as well.”

in case you don’t know, dear reader, there are more sheep than people in NZ and one of the true signs of spring in NZ is lambing season.


“have you seen any lambs yet?” He asked me.

“no, not yet.”

so, being the competitive creature he is, he gave me a challenge. “let’s see who sees the first lamb between us.”

yeah, we are old and can be a bit boring sometimes…but hey, i took the challenge.

(drum roll please…)

i won!


this morning. driving along with the sun’s rays lifting the day with it’s brilliance, feeling the crispness of the morning air, and daydreaming, i glanced at the glistening paddock to my right. there it was!

the first lamb i had seen for the season, basking in the warmth of the sun. near by, it’s twin, leaping and bounding as if full of uncontrollable joy.

the chill of yesterday seemed distant and warmth filled my heart.


new life.

playful youth.

nature’s abundance.

my spirits were lifted.

spring is truly on it’s way!!!

(ok, now i hear my NZ readers reminding me not to get too excited because August is coming and as the last month of winter…it’s traditionally fierce. i know. but i’m living in this moment, enjoying the first of spring revelations. i’ll take August on when it gets here…but for now…it’s springtime in my heart!)

what’s your favorite sign of spring?


spring is when life is alive

springtime brings life/insight from a woman's heart

i already know that many of my readers from across the Pacific will find this strange…i live here and i find it strange to be heading into springtime in September. nonetheless, springtime is on it’s way in New Zealand. the sun’s warmth is wrapping itself around the winter-dwellers beckoning life to come forth. there will be yawns from the slumbering ones. reaches of stretching as muscles awake. hibernation is over. the air is infused with the fragrance of spring. life is alive in everything…it’s spring.spring

springtime in my heart

springtime in my heart/insight from a woman's heart

i’ve been feeling like there is springtime in my heart. i have been walking around with a joy in my heart that i just can not explain. i can’t help but think that coming through my previous five months of difficulties has brought a bit of new life to my heart. i feel a sense of accomplishment and expectation.

a little stroll today showed me that springtime is on it’s way in New Zealand which means that i can expect summer to be right around the corner and you know how much i love my summers. soon i will get my little container garden ready for seeding. we are preparing for the new season of baby oysters and i am doing a little de-cluttering. although de-cluttering can be a big job, i love the feeling of standing back and seeing a newly organized area of my home.

here’s a key i have found useful when de-cluttering: set a specific amount of time each day to accomplish an achievable task. once it is complete, stop, enjoy the progress and plan to do more tomorrow. you know what they say, “you have to eat an elephant one bite at a time.” i think organizing works best a little at a time; step by step. even if the task is not that big…it still works.

in addition to the above springtime activities that i am planning, i have been working a little bit on my blog site…a little reorganizing. i must thank all of my readers for being so kind and patient as i have been learning-as-i-go. you have been very gracious. my goal is to produce a quality product that is useful and inspiring. like most things in life growth is required and i am attempting to grow more each day.

i hope you will enjoy some of the changes you see…there will be more to come as i continue my search for blogging knowledge.

thank you for your encouragement, for reading faithfully and walking this journey with me.

my hope for you today is that no matter the season in your region, that you experience a little springtime in your heart as well.