Today is the Day

Mel Fisher, a dreamer, a visionary, a legend and most importantly, the World’s Greatest Treasure Hunter! Mel Fisher did what many have not – he realized his dream during his lifetime. Everyday he insisted, “Today’s the Day”! His mantra continues to inspire the search for the rest of the treasure from the Nuestra Senora de Atocha and the Santa Margarita, the Spanish galleons that sank during a hurricane on September 6, 1622, near Key West, Florida.

Mel Fisher suffered many personal losses to keep his dream alive during his 16 year search and endured over 100 court battles which ended in victory in the US Supreme Court. The riches Mel Fisher, his team and investors had worked so hard for all those years were finally theirs. The $450 million dollar treasure cache or “Atocha Mother Lode” would be found on that momentous day, July 20, 1985. Over 40 tons of silver and gold were located including over 100,000 Spanish silver coins known as “Pieces of Eight”, gold coins, Columbian emeralds, silver and gold artifacts and over 1000 silver bars.

The immensity of the Atocha’s treasure is staggering. What was only a dream instantly became an undeniable reality.” (Story from the Mel Fisher website-click on his name above.)

Day after day, we dream , we plan, we work, we lose and we try again. The journey to realizing a dream is not usually a smooth one.

Your dream may be emotional healing: freedom from depression, a new beginning after loss, hope, or renewed strength.

Your dream may be to build a future, attain a career, start a business or develop a hobby or interest.

You dream may be to impact others, see your community strengthened or encourage the downtrodden.

Keeping passion alive in the face of obstacles may be exhausting. Mel Fisher started each day reminding himself that “Today’s the Day” when everything might come together and the dream be realized. He faced each barrier, including the loss of his son, as they were presented. Each time he assessed his position. Each time he concluded that he would keep going.

His daughter said he loved to take a six foot long gold chain and put it into the hands of people he met. He loved the spark of inspiration in their eyes as the weight filled their palm.

What are you working toward? Could the realisation of your plan, goal, dream be just around the corner?

As Mel Fisher would say, “Today’s the Day!”

Don’t give up!

inspiring story: the father of invention

David Cook of The Chattanooga NewsFree Press shared this inspiring story. I am certain my readers will find this inspirational so I wanted to share it with you.20140319-191605.jpg

The Reynolds’ Wrap is Andrew’s parent’s blog.

Meet Andrew Reynolds, the luckiest little kid around.

Two years ago, he was born without a right hand.

Or a left hand.

His right leg ended at his knee.

His left leg? Just below it.

Then he was abandoned by his mother in an orphanage in Ukraine.

(What’s that? Oh, yes. The lucky part.)

So last summer, little Andrew’s lying in a Ukrainian orphanage, limbless and hopeless, when in walks the man who would soon become his dad.

The man looks down at the boy he soon will adopt, and sees what could be instead of what is. The man takes some duct tape, a potholder and a wooden Ukrainian spoon, and thingamajiggers them together — the potholder wrapped around the boy’s left stub, the spoon coming out the end like a new forearm, the tape holding it altogether — and presto!

Within days, Andrew’s playing with toys, laughing, like someone just catapulted him out of the orphanage and into a Disneyland of possibilities.

“He went from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can,'” said Ezra Reynolds.

This is what Ezra does: He helps people go from I can’t to I can. Ezra is a design specialist for Signal Centers, which helps people — especially disabled ones — find full and independent lives.

Paraplegics. A woman with Parkinson’s. A boy who could only move his finger. A man with a clubbed hand. Using anything from old arcade parts to aluminum foil, Ezra invents devices so they can use a computer, play with toys, keep their jobs.

But his greatest invention?

He gave Andrew something he didn’t have.

“Independence,” said Ezra.

Last summer, Ezra and his wife, Kelly, traveled to Ukraine to adopt their fourth child. There they met Andrew. He was 18 months old and could do nothing on his own. Not eat. Not play. Not move. They placed a toy in front of him, and he cried.

“He’d been taught he can’t do these things because of his disability,” said Ezra.

Ezra invents the spoon-arm, then, after they bring Andrew to their Chattanooga home, Ezra invents something like a miniature surfboard with wheels that teaches Andrew how to use his half-limbs to move around.

Soon Andrew discards the board and begins moving around on his own. See the pattern? Dependence is replaced by invention, which leads to independence … and, among other things, the ability to pry open the fridge.

“We see him scooching off with the mayonnaise,” Ezra said.

Talk to Ezra, and you realize quickly his brain is working exponentially faster than yours, 1.21 gigawatts compared to a single-strand bulb. He’s 33, graduated from Central High, then the University of Tennessee Chattanooga with a degree in computer science and another in electrical engineering.

For inspiration, he wanders around Lowe’s, just looking, like Michelangelo in a marble quarry. His Signal Centers workshop is part Ace Hardware, part Google.

(He once met a boy who’d lost his hand, some fingers and his lower leg, and was terrified of a prosthesis. So Ezra found a Woody doll from “Toy Story.” He sawed off the hand, fingers and lower leg, and built a toy prosthesis. He gave it to the boy, so that when the boy went to get his prosthesis, he’d have some company. “It’s not so bad if you have a buddy,” Ezra said.)

Each week, Ezra takes his designs to the place he loves most: the 3D printer on the fourth floor of the Chattanooga Public Library.

“The limits are what I can envision in my head,” Ezra said.

Ezra uses the 3D printer to build devices that help his Signal Centers clients: the blind, dyslexic and paraplegic.

And one day, he used the 3D printer to make a new prosthesis for Andrew.

It’s like a plastic bracelet with an O on top. It Velcro-straps to Andrew’s stub, so his half-arm now has a cuff with an O above it that can hold a colored marker or a spoon and let Andrew begin to do things like everybody else.

“Like write, or eat,” said Ezra.

With a spoon in his 3D-printed prosthesis, Andrew eats second helpings of spaghetti. He steals his sisters’ toys. He pulls all the Kleenexes out of the box. Ezra and Kelly scold him, but it’s the softest, kindest scolding in parenting history.

“On the inside, we’re saying, ‘Yes!'” said Ezra.

You see? Andrew’s the luckiest. Sure, you could say he got a bum deal in life. That he got shortchanged.

You could say that. But you’d be wrong.

If necessity is the mother of invention, then love is the father. That day in the Ukrainian orphanage, Ezra looked on his son not with pity, but with hope.

He tinkered with a wooden spoon and duct tape. He huddled over the 3D printer. He imagined, believed and created. Because that’s what inventors do.

They invent new devices.

But Andrew?

His dad invented him a new life.

Contact David Cook at or 423-757-6329. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter at DavidCookTFP.

like Ezra many are given “you can’t” messages that break their hearts. given support, opportunity and hope, those messages can be deafened.

i encourage you, dear reader, to remember that you can do anything you set your mind to do.

don’t accept limits.

let Ezra and his dad inspire you.

i’m doing a happy dance today

one of my favorite pass times is to be home alone (I’ve said this before).

today IS one of those times!

i’m so excited!!

no commitments.

no expectations.

no cooking.

no rules…ok, there are rules…but not many:




have fun

(Happy dance commence)

want to join me? (wait, then i wouldn’t be home alone…sorry, next time -maybe!)

would you like to some inspiration?

20140226-004007.jpgi do my best to inspire my readers.

today, i’m sharing something beautiful that has inspired me…

20140727-030927-11367681.jpgi love photography.

20140727-031038-11438713.jpgit is one of my passions.

20140727-031243-11563033.jpgbeautiful photographs inspire me.

20140727-031435-11675443.jpgplease check out the photographs this Russian mother took if her children…

20140727-031546-11746030.jpgthey are truly amazing.

find more here-inspirational photographs

see…i told you!



What Passion Does For You


“passion empowers me to do that thing i was created to do?”, you might ask.

“great…give me an order of passion and super-size it then”.

unlike courage, wisdom or skills, you can’t just gather passion.

passion is what compels your heart.

passion is what moves you out of your comfort zone and makes you willing to plunge into ambitious, creative endeavors.

passion inspires you to put more energy into something than is required.

passion encourages you to persevere even when it’s reasonable to quit; when there’s lots of evidence that it will never work, there’s no proof that it will, and from the outside, no one could blame you for giving up.

passion empowers you, compels you, inspires you and encourages you- giving you no other option but to keep nurturing “that thing” you were created to do with no promise of tangible success.

feel like you’ve lost your passion?

ask yourself the proverbial question,

“if i knew there was no way I would fail, what would I do?”


“if money were not an issue, what would i do even if i couldn’t earn money doing it?”

what is my passion?

i’m passionate about the heart of women and people in general.

i am passionate about the person that others have written off, the person nobody believes in, that no one thinks anything good could come out of them.

i am passionate about seeing the amazing possibilities within the heart of a person who is hurting and feeling hopeless.

i am passionate about encouraging the broken heart to work through the pain it has experienced and move forward on the journey of life and reach it’s fullest potential for wholeness and well-being.

it consumes me…inspires me…thrills me…

it feels like my purpose and makes the journey i’ve been on make sense.

now, it’s your turn…

what is your passion? what is it that empowers you to do your “thang”?

please leave me a comment below and share your passion with me. help me spread a little inspiration.


The World Needs Heroes and Leaders

20131206-112447.jpgi woke to the sad news today that Nelson Mandela had passed away.

what a sad loss for earth.

i realize that this year many a hero has left their earthly home…whether a world reknown hero or a less well known but family or friend kind of hero.

our heart aches at the loss of those we love and those who have touched the world with their specialness.

as i thought about Nelson Mandela and all that he accomplished, it made me think of how easy it can be to sit back in comfort knowing that someone else is changing the world for the better.

however, the world needs heroes and leaders. hearts need someone to rely on, to help, to encourage, to strengthen…

i suppose as we loose and miss the great ones…it’s our turn to step up…

to do our part…

to be…

and live…

in small and great ways…

that make a difference to the world.

i give honor to the life that Nelson Mandela lived, i pray for comfort for his family, and pray he rest in peace (he’s earned it!)


it’s your turn!

and mine.

aspire to inspiration

20130917-175033.jpgyou are the inspiration someone in your world needs…

and you may ever know what it is…

your flare, joy, hope, strength and maybe even your weakness…

will speak deep within their heart…

and make all the difference to their world!

aspire to inspire.

don’t wait for inspiration…inspire

Fireworks 2005 (4)1-001

life can send us on a search for inspiration… instead of waiting for someone, something, or someway to become inspired…


the result of spreading a little inspiration is pretty amazing!

and it’s contagious…


a peaceful solution to a que jumper (someone cutting line)

I enjoyed this story. To me, it shows that there are witty, peaceful and kind ways to deal with people who do not show regard for politeness.

I hope you enjoy:

Today, a true tale of heroism that takes place not in a war zone, nor a hospital, but in Victoria station in London in 2007, during a tube strike. Our hero – a transport journalist and self-described “big, stocky bloke with a shaven head” named Gareth Edwards, who first wrote about this experience on the community blog – is standing with other commuters in a long, snaking line for a bus, when a smartly dressed businessman blatantly cuts in line behind him. (Behind him: this detail matters.)

The interloper proves immune to polite remonstration, whereupon Edwards is seized by a magnificent idea. He turns to the elderly woman standing behind the queue-jumper, and asks her if she’d like to go ahead of him. She accepts, so he asks the person behind her, and the next person, and the next – until 60 or 70 people have moved ahead, Edwards and the seething queue-jumper shuffling further backwards all the time. The bus finally pulls up, and Edwards hears a shout from the front of the line. It’s the elderly woman, addressing him: “Young man! Do you want to go in front of me?”

Author: Oliver Burkeman in “The Guardian Weekend”, 28 August 2010