kids say the funniest things: my day at school


i have two grand children: Jake almost 7 yrs old and Ella who just turned 6 yrs old.

i started volunteering today at my grand children’s school. apparently, it’s not common in NZ schools to have parent volunteers. the children were amazed to have a new face in their classrooms. it seemed even more intriguing to them since i was a grand parent.

20140401-211648.jpgi thought i would share some of the funny things the children said to me today.

20140401-211830.jpgi truly enjoyed myself and look forward to going back.

20140401-214120.jpgthe cute things children said to me today:
1. Who are you and why are you here?

2. Teacher: Jake, would you like to tell the class who this is and why she is here? Jake: This is my great grandma. She’s here to help us do fun stuff. If she says to us to us to read a book, should we say yes or no?

3. Boy: That girl likes me! (Me:she does? How do you know?) boy: cause I’m hot.

4. (Girl swinging from the monkey bars): I’m having a break from school for a while…I’m too tired for school.

5. Are you sure you are jake’s great grandma? My great grandma is real old. I think she’s like 50 or something. How old are you? (Jake: in 1 more year she will be as old as my mom!) (I’m 53 and my daughter is 25!)

6. girl: I have a really big house. We need lots of room because my grandma lives with us and she takes up a lot of room. If she would move out we wouldn’t have to live in a big house anymore.

7. Me to a little boy with hair the color of Ella’s: it looks like you and Ella have been coloring out of the same crayon box. Little boy: yip! We have the best color. (They both have red hair).

8. I asked if someone could show me where the restroom was. My grandson volunteered to show me where to find it. A little girl said to me: it’s probably better if you use the girl one. (I assured her i would make sure he showed me to the right one).

9. Standing at the restroom door one little girl says to me: look, if there are wees on the seat, just wipe it off with your hand. No worries.


i’m doing a happy dance today

one of my favorite pass times is to be home alone (I’ve said this before).

today IS one of those times!

i’m so excited!!

no commitments.

no expectations.

no cooking.

no rules…ok, there are rules…but not many:




have fun

(Happy dance commence)

want to join me? (wait, then i wouldn’t be home alone…sorry, next time -maybe!)

my funny valentine

20140214-183706.jpgthis is my Valentine…his name is Rodney.

funny thing happened today, Valentine’s Day 2014…

when i woke up this morning, he explained to me that he thought about getting me flowers but decided that it was the thought that counted and he reckoned that would make me feel special.

i hugged him and thanked him for the special thought.

i then told him that i had planned a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day.

“Oh, that will be a nice way to celebrate Valentine’s Day”, he said.

then i added,” but you’ve saved me all that work because after all it is the thought that counts. happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.”

he began laughing…”pretty good one!”

it’s 6:30pm and he just left the house to pick up dinner, chocolate and flowers!


i don’t think he enjoyed his special thought as much as i did mine.

first time in 10 years of marriage that i’m getting a Valentine pressie!

he’s such a funny Valentine!


high tea and me

20131020-222626.jpgtea parties…

i am an american…in america, we “play” tea party…little girls do it and as an adult, i was known to throw an adult-style tea party.

however, yesterday, i attended a high tea -my first. it was every bit as lovely as i imagined a real tea party would be when i would attempt one. i realized yesterday, that i was only ever “playing” at it though.

my husband pre-warned me that it was meant to be quite lady-like and i shouldn’t do any thing embarrassing (who me? Lol)

i felt out of my depth for sure!

that is a really good thing for me.

it challenges me.

new experiences drag us out of our comfort zone. they, also, open us up to some really great experiences.

beautiful ladies…

elegant china tea cups…

delicate danties…(ok, for my country friends…chow)…


sipping tea!

i think the English might just be onto a winner with this one!

it was great fun!

tea anyone? i think i need practice.

ridiculous but fun

20131020-221517.jpgyou know that person driving down the road who makes you wonder, “what in the world are they doing?”


well, that person was me…yesterday…

i couldn’t help myself.

the sun was out after a week of rubbish weather, great tunes playing on the radio, driving in my “ca” (or is it “ka”? NZers sometimes don’t say their “r”s), and…

i was jammin’!

i am sure it looked ridiculous…

but it felt good…

made my heart sing!