kids say the funniest things: my day at school


i have two grand children: Jake almost 7 yrs old and Ella who just turned 6 yrs old.

i started volunteering today at my grand children’s school. apparently, it’s not common in NZ schools to have parent volunteers. the children were amazed to have a new face in their classrooms. it seemed even more intriguing to them since i was a grand parent.

20140401-211648.jpgi thought i would share some of the funny things the children said to me today.

20140401-211830.jpgi truly enjoyed myself and look forward to going back.

20140401-214120.jpgthe cute things children said to me today:
1. Who are you and why are you here?

2. Teacher: Jake, would you like to tell the class who this is and why she is here? Jake: This is my great grandma. She’s here to help us do fun stuff. If she says to us to us to read a book, should we say yes or no?

3. Boy: That girl likes me! (Me:she does? How do you know?) boy: cause I’m hot.

4. (Girl swinging from the monkey bars): I’m having a break from school for a while…I’m too tired for school.

5. Are you sure you are jake’s great grandma? My great grandma is real old. I think she’s like 50 or something. How old are you? (Jake: in 1 more year she will be as old as my mom!) (I’m 53 and my daughter is 25!)

6. girl: I have a really big house. We need lots of room because my grandma lives with us and she takes up a lot of room. If she would move out we wouldn’t have to live in a big house anymore.

7. Me to a little boy with hair the color of Ella’s: it looks like you and Ella have been coloring out of the same crayon box. Little boy: yip! We have the best color. (They both have red hair).

8. I asked if someone could show me where the restroom was. My grandson volunteered to show me where to find it. A little girl said to me: it’s probably better if you use the girl one. (I assured her i would make sure he showed me to the right one).

9. Standing at the restroom door one little girl says to me: look, if there are wees on the seat, just wipe it off with your hand. No worries.