2015, New Beginnings and Creativity

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/682/52137714/files/2015/01/img_0519.jpgWell, we did it! You and I did 2014 like a boss! We smoked it! And we’re still standing to tell about it! Good for you!

I bet you were wondering there for a second or two, weren’t you?

There is always a moment when we think, ” I can’t do this.”

But we can! Every single time! We can do hard things, and fun things and new things…we can!

And we have 2014 and this first day of 2015 to prove it.

You got through like the shining star that you are.

And now, we are looking square in the face of a brand new beginning. A new, clean slate.

What in the world will you do with it?

I was thinking about this brand new beginning today. And I think a great place for me to start is to get creative. After all, in the very first new year…or rather the first new beginning, God created…

And I thought I’d start there.

Oh, I think I just heard someone say, “But I’m not creative.”

Sure you are. We all are. We all have a very creative part to our wonderful selves. And we all create differently.

My mom always tells us kids (her kids) that she isn’t creative. She told my daughter that not long ago and Morgan immediately responded, “oh, yes you are. You play the piano beautifully. I can’t do that.” Not only that but I’m pretty sure that my mother has played a variety of instruments in her day.

I know women who create an amazing atmosphere of encouragement.

Others who create hospitality in a way that makes me a bit jealous.

One of my friends back home can create laughter in a room like no one I have ever met.

Our world needs people who will create peace in the face of turmoil. Can you pursue and create a peaceful atmosphere? I like this one. I like it a lot.

Creativity comes in many and varied forms.

So, if you are wondering where to begin in this new year, here’s my creativity challenge: Begin 2015 by discovering your creative genius and share that with the world. (If you need a soul to share it with…I’ll be more than happy to help 😉.)

And if you are one of those people who feel less than a creative genius, do this simple step…ask those closest to you what they see you do exceptionally well. Go ahead. Do it. It’s really good to see ourselves through someone else’s -eyes of admiration.

I have been to the beach the past few days collecting drift wood and sea glass. I’ll get to work and then I’ll show you how I started my creativity challenge.

If you accept my challenge, please share what you create with me and my readers. Help me inspire my readers. Let’s get as many people as we can creating a beautiful 2015.

Happy New Year! It’s going to be fabulous!

I’m sure of it!

Sometimes You Just Have to Give It A Go


I have to be honest with you, I am no farm girl. It is not my calling in life and I am pretty sure that I would be completely useless at the job. The first time I walked through a sheep paddock, I was so busy trying to keep “sheep-poo” off of my gumboots that I got no real work done (even though my husband said that was why I was wearing them -so I didn’t have to worry about where I stepped). I was all about protecting the shoes. I was obviously not cut out for farming or live stock management.


But I was intrigued by the deer farms (from this side of the fence) since I had never seen one in the USA. Deer roam wild in America as far I was aware. I had never seen them farmed.


I have been corrected as far as my deer farming knowledge…apparently, they are a some type of elk. City girl knowledge. But hey, it is what it is. And I’m ok with that!


My husband gifted me 100 sheep the first year we were married. Not sure he quite understood what a “gift” was at the time. It was a business gift. A way for me to make some money. Ahaha…I felt sorry for those sheep…and ME!


We tried to make a pet out of the lambs…


(By the way, that is a baby NZ opossum catching a ride there…like I said, poor sheep)



This is me trying my hand at being a rousey. Please don’t ask me to explain, I’m not sure I could. It has something to do with keeping the floor clean while the sheep are being shorn.


My son enjoyed chasing (herding) the sheep….


But once he caught one he tried riding it and I’m not sure that is what you do with sheep.


Needless to say, we only had sheep for one season and we left the farming to the experts.

I may have told you this before, but NZ has more sheep than people. NZ lamb is considered to be the best in the world. (Shhhh! we didn’t tell our sheep that they were produce … or is that an agriculture term?)

Life is much less complicated when you stick to what you know. But every once in a while, you give something a “go” just because you can. You certainly, learn a lot about yourself when you try something new.

In my case, I confirmed my life long theory that I did not want to be a farmer among other things.

I guess that is something. Now, I know for sure.

Sometimes in life you just have to give it a go.  You might look back wondering why in the world you took the path you did. Most of time, it’s pretty easy to step back and change direction. Learn. Change. Grow. And keep moving forward. At the very least, you will know for a certainty what didn’t work. Usually, you gain insight that is valuable for your journey.





Breast Cancer Awareness Month

IMG_0022.JPGThis month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So, I thought it would be a good time to share this part of my journey. I am a breast cancer survivor. I am nothing less than a miracle. I’m not lucky -no one who faces cancer feels lucky. Sometimes, I still cry and feel a little guilty. That may seem strange but I don’t take my recovery for granted. I know that many wonderful women fight a battle for life against breast cancer and loose. That fact alone causes my throat to constrict and my eyes fill with tears.

As a young woman, I had recurring cysts and fibrous lumps that required attention. There was a history of breast cancer on my mother’s side of the family but I really was pretty relaxed in my approach to the whole process. I understood that having a “family history” of breast cancer increased my chances of having the disease but honestly, I thought I had nothing to worry about. I never imagined that it would to happen to me. Cancer and Dee were not synonymous.

In 2002, I went for my usual two yearly mammogram. I knew the drill quite well by then. Put on the beautiful hospital gown. Wait for my turn to have my chest compressed in the vice grip type machine. Get dressed and wait the next two weeks for the results. Usually, I would receive a simple phone call with negative results. Easy peasy. True to form, when the results came back from the lab, my doctor’s office called with the “all clear”. I apathetically responded, “That’s good to know.” That was it. Another one (mammogram) bites the dust.

However, a week later, near the end of my work day, my cell phone rang and it was my doctor. Not the nurse. But the doctor himself. “Could you come in and see me?” Sure. No problem. I offered to schedule something with the receptionist for the next week. “No, I need you to come now. Today.” Today? It was nearly after hours. Shouldn’t he be heading home soon? My plan was to get home…I had had a long day. He insisted that I come right away but he offered no further information.

The conversation made me uneasy. I called my BFF and asked if she would go with me…and she did.

When we arrived at the office, I climbed up onto the exam table and my friend and I chatted away, as we do.

When the doctor entered the room, he informed me that he had revisited my mammogram films and had found some suspicious spots. “It looks like cancer and we need to run some more tests”.

I had heard the stories my mother told about what my grandmother faced in her battle with cancer. Grandma Levin lost her battle to breast cancer long before I was born and when my mother was just a teenager. Suddenly, those stories began to flash before my mind’s eye as if they were my impending future.

Fear gripped my heart. I didn’t want to have cancer. I didn’t want to die. Suddenly, I was faced with immortality. I wasn’t invincible. Cancer was no longer a story about someone I’d never met. This was real and there was nothing I could do about it. In fact, it was one more negative life issue that reinforced the lie I had come to believe about my life, “Nothing good in my life lasts. I’m not meant to be happy.” If you have ever faced loss, tragedy, or life altering circumstances, you understand the whirlwind of thoughts that your mind can whip at you.

My children were young and I wanted to be here. I wanted watch them grow up, marry and have children. I didn’t want to miss one moment. And selfishly, I didn’t want to be forgotten or a distant memory. I had much to live for and I saw it all flash through my thoughts in a manner of seconds. The mental picture panicked me. I felted stunned and breathless.

My friends, family and church all swung into action to offer support, prayers and encouragement. I am forever grateful. Love seemed to flow toward me from every direction.

All the support around me was comforting.

Yet, this part of my journey was a journey I had to make on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I leaned on my family and friends. However, this fight was mine. I know that there are many people who do not acknowledge that there is a God but for me, when I was faced with the possibility of the end of my life, I reached for faith and I cried out to God.

I had no plan. I didn’t know what to do. And I was terrified.

I relied on my doctor for practical steps. He wanted to run tests. We ran the tests. He wanted me to change my diet. We changed my diet. Step by step, I walked the treatment path.

My pastors encouraged my spirit. They encouraged me to not give in to the fear. I gathered as much courage as I could find in my heart (sometimes it was small). They encouraged me to hold onto my faith. I clung to it. They agreed to pray with me. We prayed. Often.

My family and friends encouraged me not to give up. I didn’t give up. They encouraged me to think positively. I worked to keep my thoughts away from tragic ends and fear.

I am grateful that, in the end, healing was my story. I survived.

Thank you to all of you that were my rocks of support. I love you dearly.

I know there are many women who have fought this battle and won. As well, I am sensitive to the fact that many have lost their battle but fought a brave fight.

The fact that I can share my story is a miracle to me. A miracle for which I am forever grateful. Twelve years later, I am cancer free. I am thankful to have watched my children grow into beautiful adults. I am enjoying two young grand children. I plan to hang around and secretly muse as they cause their mother to want to pull her hair. I’ll plan to celebrate tender moments, well earned successes and enduring memories. My life is a gift.

Today, I celebrate in the company of other survivors and I honour those who have bravely fought but are no longer here. My thoughts and prayers go out to their families.

Also, I encourage you to look after your body, to look for the signs, to see your medical specialists. I can not stress strongly enough the importance of being informed, knowing your own breasts and recognising the breast cancer signs. Early detection for any disease is vital. We live in a face paced world. Putting off check-ups, mammograms or doing self breast exams is far too easy. But DON’T put it off. Without strong healthy bodies, accomplishing all of the other things we have to accomplish becomes impossible. Please do it now, if you haven’t already.

For those of you who may be bravely in the midst of this fight…keep fighting, keep believing, and keep leaning. We know you are being as brave as you possibly can. Remember, you are not alone. You are loved.


The photo above is my son. This was a football game the team dedicated to the women in their lives who had been through the breast cancer fight. Needless to say this photo is a precious treasure to my heart.



Cancer Is Not Pink has so kindly nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. It has been quite a while since I have participated with an award blog and I am doing so for a fellow cancer survivor. So, thank you,Swoosie, for this lovely honour.

In order to “accept” the award the nominated blogger must follow several guidelines:

•Thank the person who nominated you for the award. – Cancer Is Not Pink is one of my newest friends in the blogosphere. Please check out her blog, I am sure you will enjoy your visit.

•Add the One Lovely Blog Award logo to your post.

•Share 7 facts/or things about yourself:

1.  I am a cancer survivor thriver!

2.  I have always loved candy…and even at 54 I, suspect, I always will.

3.  I have always been shy…but lately I have observed I talk too much…so maybe I have outgrown my shyness.

4.  I love photographs. I think they have an amazing way of taking you back to special moments. Recently, I realised I lost some of my photographs from when I was in my teens and twenties…it made me cry.

5.  Oh, and I cry a lot. Not because I’m sad. I haven’t had a sad cry in ages but I cry when I’m happy, when I’m proud, and…well, let’s just say I cry a lot. I recently read that Glennon from Momastery said this about why she cries, “I cry for the same reason I laugh. Because I pay attention.” I totally agree.

6.  I have not always had an open heart. Pain closed me down so tightly that I was miserable. I wasn’t open to God, myself, my family, or my friends. I like the freedom that I have now. An open heart is so important to living fully and abundantly!

7.  I could eat watermelon and fish everyday of my life. Oh, and candy! 😉


Please visit my sample list of blogs I follow below. If you are a new blogger and would like for me to link to your blog through this post, please leave me a comment below and I will be happy to share your blog with my friends. I will adapt Swoosie’s technique and ask that you write “ADD ME” in the comments below and I will add you to the post!

As always, you, my readers, make my day in many ways and I appreciate it so much!


When something is nothing but leads to disappointment

deeclarknz.comHi y’all!
It’s a beautiful day here in Bluff. I’m heading out the door to spend the day playing in the sun with my grand babies. They have school holidays for the next two weeks. It feels like a lifetime since I’ve seen them with all of “the life stuff” getting in the way of what my heart desires to do. I can’t wait to catch up on some cuddles and kisses.
Before I headed to town, I had one little errand. I went to pick up one of our staff up at the ferry terminal and the ferry was late. Apparently, the ferry captain spotted whales and being a sight seeing vessel, they stopped to watch them for a while. Whales!?!

Obviously, I am not the whale whisperer because I always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In case you are new around here, since moving close to the sea, my biggest dream is to see whales in or near the environment where I live.

And I missed the whole show today. Izzy (our staff member) said the whales put on quite a show. They were dancing and jumping. I wanted every detail. I wanted to know if I took the big walk around the point if I would see them. I was so excited. His reply,”Nawh, don’t bother.” Honestly, I think he was just a little too nonchalant about the whole thing. lol.

He obviously doesn’t understand how important this is to me! Or -(more accurately) he was late for a meeting and being a guy…it was low priority for him. sigh. 😉
deeclarknz.comDo you ever rant about insignificant things?

I say insignificant because in the scope of all of life, it’s not vital to my existence but I am completely passionate. I want this.

I am play ranting, really, and joking. I’m not really upset. I am disappointed.

But I was thinking about how important certain somethings can be to our hearts and when those something’s that are nothings lead to disappointment, we can be tempted to react poorly.

They may not be a big deal to anyone else.

To us…they matter…whatever the level of importance.

Mix in even a smidgen of disappointment and suddenly you would think we were facing a world catastrophe. Isn’t it funny how our hearts can do that to us?

When disappointment shows up, it is important to be careful not to equate the level of emphasis someone else places on our desires as the level of importance they place on us as a person. They won’t even have a clue that the two levels have anything to do with each other….because really they don’t.

We have to remember that the disappointment of not attaining a desire can easily turn into disappointment in a person.

Seeing whales is one of my passions. I go on about it a lot. But not everyone really cares if I see them or not. Oh, don’t get me wrong, they will be thrilled for me when I finally do get the opportunity but most days it’s not high on anyone else’s priority list.

Sometimes out of that frustration, we can turn the disappointment toward the people around us as if they don’t care enough about us. It’s not their fault. It really has nothing to do with what they do or don’t do yet we point the gun of frustration at them.

You might have a desire that is more important than my dilemma. In fact, I’m pretty sure you will.

It is important to you. It is.

And your loved ones care about what is important to you because they care about you. deeclarknz.comAppreciate what you have in your life at this moment.

Today, there is plenty of beauty all around me. It’s spring, the sun is shining and I’ve got the day with my babies.

Keep anticipating. Keep looking forward. Keep hoping.

When something is nothing that leads to disappointment…

keep your perspective so that you don’t take that disappointment out on the ones you love.

Is there something that you are truly passionate about doing? Or maybe you have finally been able to do something you’ve always wanted to do? I’d love to hear about it, you can tell me about it in the comments section. I’m sure it will brighten my day.

While I’m on the subject of perspective, I can definitely be thankful for you today. You stopped by and listened to my heart. Thank you for that!

I hope you have a great day!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

living in the Southern Hemisphere, “the warmth of summer is part distant memory, part dream for the future” as stated by Krista of WordPress’ The Daily Post. as i dream of summer, i am participating in the Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’.

20140727-001948-1188333.jpgseagulls are often regarded as a summertime nuisance. my husband can not comprehend my fascination with these pesky sea birds.

20140727-002241-1361898.jpgmaybe it’s because as a child who loved the beach, one of my favorite things to do was to grab a handful of french fries, toss them in the air and watch them appear as if out of no-where. now that i live close to the sea, sometimes, i sit in my back yard with slices of bread and toss broken pieces into the air just to watch them scurry in. weird? maybe…but i love it.

20140727-002626-1586057.jpgdid you know that seagulls are quite clever? if hungry, they will stomp on the ground with their feet imitating rainfall and trick earthworms into coming to the surface?

20140727-002851-1731914.jpgseagulls demonstrate intelligence in their feeding behaviours by flying up into the sky and dropping hard-shelled mulloscs on to rocks to break them open so they can eat them.

20140727-003806-2286763.jpgin Native American symbolism, the seagull represents a carefree attitude, versatility, and freedom.

20140727-003632-2192040.jpgseagulls are fondly remembered in Utah for helping Mormon settlers deal with a plague of crickets. the seagull is now the state bird of Utah.

20140727-004708-2828193.jpgstill not convinced?

that’s ok.

i can’t explain it…but it’s part of what i love about summer by the sea!

a long overdue visit home

deeclarknz.comi’m just back from my vacation to the USA. i know the saying is that “change is as good as a holiday”…but there is nothing like the real thang!

while i was away, i had the chance to play with my camera a bit. i found photographing things to be much easier than people…it’s amazing how camera shy i found my family to be. of course, the fact that i love snapping as many photos as possible doesn’t help my cause much.

deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.comi spent a week in my hometown of Chattanooga, Tn. the downtown area is so artsy and beautiful. although i was only able to spend a day downtown, it was satisfying to be standing in the midst of a place i dearly love.
deeclarknz.commy baby boy graduated high school in May and i wasn’t about too miss it! not that i need one, but it was a great excuse for a vacation.deeclarknz.comhe accepted a football scholarship to Tusculum College in Tennessee and begins his studies in the fall.deeclarknz.comi am such a proud momma! i think he was pretty proud of himself as well!deeclarknz.comgraduation was the first stop on my trip followed by awesome time with friends and family…



no trip home is complete without a few stops at my favourite places to eat….like Krispy Kreme donuts! i did feel bad because it is one of my daughter’s favourite places to stop (and she wasn’t with me…she was stuck back in NZ attending school) but as i’m sure she will testify to the fact that, i didn’t feel bad enough because i didn’t resist the temptation. on my last night in Chatt town…i had to make a late night run for some “now hot” donuts. oh, yum! as i’m shivering away in my office in the middle of the NZ winter, i’m thinking they would be soooo good about now!





my sister works for Supervalu in Atlanta. Supervalu was a sponsor for the local Special Olympics. my family was honoured to volunteer for the day. the gymnastics athletes did a fantastic job and were so proud of their accomplishments. we were proof for them as well. thank you to Supervalu for letting us participate in such an amazing day.

deeclarknz.comdriving around Atlanta left me a little edgy at times after driving for so many years on the left hand side of the road; however, i was itching for someone to trust behind the wheel of their car. sadly, most of them were too scared! my husband thinks they were wise to be.

deeclarknz.commost of my time was spent hanging out at my parents home…helping with yard work…deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com

playing with my niece  and great nieces and nephews…deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com

however, we did make time for a trip to the zoo…my son and i spent a day riding the roller coasters at Six Flags…deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com

and we took a trip to Stone Mountain for an evening laser show. it is a must see if you are ever in the Atlanta area. i didn’t do a lot of shopping this time but Target and Walmart are always on the agenda! Target just makes me happy and i wouldn’t dare return to NZ with empty hands as there would be sad faces awaiting me…and we don’t want see sad faces! needless to say, i did not protest about having to go shopping.deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com

the biggest “must” have on my vacation bucket list was watermelon and American pickles. 13 watermelon and 3.5 gallons of pickles to be exact. i know! shameful. no matter, it had to be done and i must say, i put a pretty good dent in that goal although, family and friends did help me, after all, i didn’t want to be too much of a glutton. i was close, though!

saying good bye was tough.

i miss everyone already.

i am very thankful for the time to spend giving real hugs and kisses instead of cyber ones, talking all day and night and sharing heartfelt moments.

i’m already planning my next trip…five years was far too much time away…

do you have a vacation planned in the near future? i’d love to hear how you plan to spend your time relaxing. so share your plans with me below in the comments.

here’s to great trips with family and friends!

see you soon!




first year anniversary


A year ago today, I was coming out of a bit of a fog in my journey. As I was reflecting on the places my journey had taken me to, I couldn’t help but think of the numbers of people in the world who may be walking through the fog of life unable to see what was in front of them or where their journey would lead them. I could relate to how the heart reacts and wanted to share a few of the insights I had gathered along the way.

I sat down and embarked on a new chapter in my life by signing up to write a blog. I was terrified. I have always struggled with opening my heart by journaling because I was very protective of the treasures that reside within my heart. I skipped the journal and went straight for the very public, open forum of blogging. I had no clue what I was doing (sometimes, I still don’t). However, I wanted to share hope, encouragement, and wisdom in a way that might help at least one other person in this big, wide world know that they could keep traveling their journey and make it through the difficult times.

The response has been overwhelming. You, my readers,  have become an amazing part of my world.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. Thank you for your patience as I have been learning each step of the way. Thank you for your continued support as my life commitments have pulled me away for longer periods of time than my heart has desired.

WordPress notified me that as of today, I have been blogging for one year. What a rewarding journey.

I hope that you will continue to read, find inspiration and hope.

Thank you for sharing this part of my journey and enriching my life as only you can!


could i have more time today, please?

deeclarknz.comtoday was one of those days that i wished i could cram a few more hours into the day. i contemplated my list of things “to do”; laundry, floors, gardens, business emails, and paperwork.deeclarknz.com

however, the sun was shining today. that hasn’t happened very often this summer (and now autumn has begun). i imagined that long walk that i keep putting off because the weather has been crook. i also wanted to visit some of my fellow bloggers and meander through their posts. i was yearning to write as well. although, i am still learning i have found a passion ignited deep inside of me for sitting with my thoughts and then getting them down. i have women that i am sharing some of my life experiences with and so my thoughts and prayers were lingering with them as well. i needed more time today if i had any chance of getting it all accomplished.

deeclarknz.commore time in my day was not available. i decided to grab one more cup of coffee and stroll down the halls of the blogosphere. along the way, i visited miss managing. i find her photographs intriguing since i am a budding photographer (ok, i’m a wanna-be but photography and my camera make me happy). she posted a video entitled 10 reasons you should never get a job by Ralph Smart. although, his approach is so much different than mine, he made a couple of good points about working for yourself…one, when you work for yourself you are not trapped by a time clock and secondly, that you also have the freedom to form your day anyway you like.

deeclarknz.comhe had a point…it was a rather good point at that. i do not have the constraints i once had on my 9 to 5 job (cough, cough…because it was never just 9 to 5). i am blessed to have the flexibility to make this day go in any direction. deeclarknz.comi dusted off my tennis shoes because i was going to actually start that daily 3k walk that i had procrastinated for far too long. while i was at it, the camera might as well be my companion.

deeclarknz.comthe sea air hit my nostrils and it was a perfect time to take a few deep breaths. i could feel anxiety waft away with every exhale. i was ready. the first thing i noticed was the harbour was alive with boats this morning…coming in…and going out.

deeclarknz.comthe oyster boats were coming in with their catches and the ferry was heading to Stewart Island to deliver tourists.

deeclarknz.comthe birds were as happy as i was that the sun was shining…fluttering and singing away…they seemed cheerful which made me smile.

deeclarknz.comthe last of the season’s flowers were beginning to show signs that autumn was appearing but final blooms were bursting forth as if to kiss the sun a few final times.

deeclarknz.comthe horizon was not obstructed by clouds or fog today so even the distant light house was in full view.

deeclarknz.coma varied from my path for a few moments of rock time and watch the water glisten and splash…

deeclarknz.comand focused on the small plants living beneath the clear water.

deeclarknz.comand, yes, i stared at the deep blue water hoping that i might catch a glimpse of a passing whale…but not today…that dream lives on in my heart destined for another time.

deeclarknz.comi reached my turn around point and headed back home. as i walked, Marv and Ann were just arriving at their home. i planned to give a cheerful, “good’ay” (it’s the one kiwi saying i take most pleasure in attempting to copy). he spoke first, “are you a local?” “i am now”, i replied. we chattered away for several minutes and just as i thought we were completing the conversation, Marv asks, “would you like a cup of tea?” this is where i am always jolted back into the reality that i am an american in a differing culture. i always considered my family to be hospitable but when a totals stranger whom i have met only moments before invites me into their home from off the street…i never ceased to feel anything but amazement. i accepted the invitation. we shared an hour sipping a cup of tea while Marv and Ann gave me some history on Bluff (after all, Marv has lived in Bluff for 80 years) and the Mutton Bird Islands. in his younger days, Marv was an oysterman which was fascinating since my husband and i now farm oysters.

deeclarknz.comthe clam shells from Fiji in Ann’s garden sparked more conversation and Ann gave me a tour of her beautiful gardens.


i headed back home with a song in my heart…i did a bit of reading to start my morning, i enjoyed my walk, i met new friends, i snapped a few photographs, sat on a rock listening to the waves crash in, and now i am back home putting a few of my thoughts down…

and it’s still early afternoon…

i might not need added hours in this day…

i think i’m on a pretty good roll!

i certainly hope that you are enjoying your day as well.


put your feet up…you’ve earned it

20140223-000700.jpgi love that moment when i can stand back and look at a job well done.

deep satisfaction

a sense of accomplishment

and even relief

struggles and tears behind

i give myself an “atta-boy” and sigh…

confirming that it was well worth the effort!