2015, New Beginnings and Creativity

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/682/52137714/files/2015/01/img_0519.jpgWell, we did it! You and I did 2014 like a boss! We smoked it! And we’re still standing to tell about it! Good for you!

I bet you were wondering there for a second or two, weren’t you?

There is always a moment when we think, ” I can’t do this.”

But we can! Every single time! We can do hard things, and fun things and new things…we can!

And we have 2014 and this first day of 2015 to prove it.

You got through like the shining star that you are.

And now, we are looking square in the face of a brand new beginning. A new, clean slate.

What in the world will you do with it?

I was thinking about this brand new beginning today. And I think a great place for me to start is to get creative. After all, in the very first new year…or rather the first new beginning, God created…

And I thought I’d start there.

Oh, I think I just heard someone say, “But I’m not creative.”

Sure you are. We all are. We all have a very creative part to our wonderful selves. And we all create differently.

My mom always tells us kids (her kids) that she isn’t creative. She told my daughter that not long ago and Morgan immediately responded, “oh, yes you are. You play the piano beautifully. I can’t do that.” Not only that but I’m pretty sure that my mother has played a variety of instruments in her day.

I know women who create an amazing atmosphere of encouragement.

Others who create hospitality in a way that makes me a bit jealous.

One of my friends back home can create laughter in a room like no one I have ever met.

Our world needs people who will create peace in the face of turmoil. Can you pursue and create a peaceful atmosphere? I like this one. I like it a lot.

Creativity comes in many and varied forms.

So, if you are wondering where to begin in this new year, here’s my creativity challenge: Begin 2015 by discovering your creative genius and share that with the world. (If you need a soul to share it with…I’ll be more than happy to help 😉.)

And if you are one of those people who feel less than a creative genius, do this simple step…ask those closest to you what they see you do exceptionally well. Go ahead. Do it. It’s really good to see ourselves through someone else’s -eyes of admiration.

I have been to the beach the past few days collecting drift wood and sea glass. I’ll get to work and then I’ll show you how I started my creativity challenge.

If you accept my challenge, please share what you create with me and my readers. Help me inspire my readers. Let’s get as many people as we can creating a beautiful 2015.

Happy New Year! It’s going to be fabulous!

I’m sure of it!

how i won’t be suffocating my confidence this year


have you got a great pair of sunglasses in hand?

you know, so that you are ready for your bright future in 2014?

the new year’s celebrations and hype are complete.

they inspire us to look forward, renew our hope for the future and say goodbye to all the gut wrenching pain experienced in the previous year.

we set goals, make ourselves promises and aspire to greatness.

after a few days, we wrestle with the continuum that is all too familiar and assume…nothing is going to change expect the date.

i decided that this year i was not going to set myself up for failure by creating a noose that would sit around my neck suffocating my confidence.

i do not like to fail!

do you?

i didn’t think so!

i’m not alone, then.

therefore, i am not going to promise to abstain from chocolate.

nor am i going to promise to get up at 4:30am every morning and run 10 miles.

it’s blowing up a storm outside as i’m getting ready for bed…so an early morning run in the pouring rain and hollowing wind during the darkest part of the morning does not appeal to me much less motivate me.

20140104-001952.jpgi have decided that i will continue my journey, a step at a time, following my plan of action(s), using my developed skill sets, and applying gathered Wisdom.

each day will be different.

if i am unequipped in an area…i will train, learn and up skill.

if change is required, i will use my courage (great or small) and work toward change.

i do not know what is on the horizon. sometimes, that makes taking a step frightening.

for those times i will lean on faith.

there will be imperfect days.

i may shed tears. i don’t relish that thought…but i may.

i will laugh.

and celebrate…YAY!

20140104-011237.jpgi will waste some time.

or sleep later than my husband who wakes at the crack of dawn.

i will have productive days like today when i reorganized my entire house.

20140104-011925.jpgalong the way,

i’ll meet you here for a heart to heart about issues important to me and common to women…

i’ll bring encouragement with me…

and leave encouraged that you came.

365 days to work with and grow in.

C’est la Vie = It is the life…the life journey i have been blessed with…

a life designed with plans for peace, …a future filled with hope. (Jer. 29:11)

if you are making resolutions, make them attainable and realistic…expect the unexpected…and always remember…

You ARE more than capable of making this year everything it should be and more!


Beginning Anew in 2014

deeclarknz.comisn’t it amazing how fresh a new start feels?

there can be a feeling of trepidation as well…but closing a chapter and beginning a new one offers new hope, new creativity and new opportunities.

i enjoyed 2013 and the journey i made through it. one thing i truly learned this year is accepting each step of the journey as being exactly what i have needed at the time, has helped me know that my life is right on track…even when it’s not a celebration.

i’m looking forward to this new journey.

we live in an amazing time in history.

we are blessed beyond many if our ancestors wildest dreams.

it’s great to be alive!

it’s great to be well and able to face any challenge!

it’s great to have opportunities sitting before me!

i am planning to live my journey to the full…

and my hope is that you will join me!

Happy New Year, readers!

make the most if every minute!