first year anniversary

A year ago today, I was coming out of a bit of a fog in my journey. As I was reflecting on the places my journey had taken me to, I couldn’t help but think of the numbers of people in the world who may be walking through the fog of life unable to see what was in front of them or where their journey would lead them. I could relate to how the heart reacts and wanted to share a few of the insights I had gathered along the way.

I sat down and embarked on a new chapter in my life by signing up to write a blog. I was terrified. I have always struggled with opening my heart by journaling because I was very protective of the treasures that reside within my heart. I skipped the journal and went straight for the very public, open forum of blogging. I had no clue what I was doing (sometimes, I still don’t). However, I wanted to share hope, encouragement, and wisdom in a way that might help at least one other person in this big, wide world know that they could keep traveling their journey and make it through the difficult times.

The response has been overwhelming. You, my readers,  have become an amazing part of my world.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. Thank you for your patience as I have been learning each step of the way. Thank you for your continued support as my life commitments have pulled me away for longer periods of time than my heart has desired.

WordPress notified me that as of today, I have been blogging for one year. What a rewarding journey.

I hope that you will continue to read, find inspiration and hope.

Thank you for sharing this part of my journey and enriching my life as only you can!


the value of being kind when others aren’t


My cousin spent today helping an infuriating, older neighbour tear down a fence. It was something her neighbour probably would not have reciprocated. She also had to wade through plants that were not good for her allergies. When completed, her young daughter noticed and commented about her labour of love.

My cousin stated: “My hives are calming down, Ill be fine and Sarah’s response makes it worth it. She said, “Mommy, why we’re you helping her when she doesn’t even like us?” I explained it’s the neighborly thing to do. She replied, “But Mom I heard her talking to you in a nice voice. Is she going to be nice now? Will she be a friend?” Good life lesson to learn when I told her that wasn’t why I did it and she probably will not be a friend. Some people are just the way they are.”

Is it really worth being nice to someone who isn’t easy to be nice to?

I think the answer is definitely, “yes.”

People are all different, have differing value systems and differing historical stories that cause them to be who they are.

Reacting like someone acts causes me to be disloyal to myself and who I really am. I most enjoy being kind, generous, loving and giving. That’s when I’m happiest within.

I find myself frustrated having to live on “their” playing field. So, I came to the realisation that revenge is not sweet for me. Being “me” is…therefore, I live fully out of my heart and appreciate that they are different than me.

I don’t expect them to be me (even when it’s hard) or give more than they are capable of giving.

It’s taken many years to reach this place…

I really despise my “mean Dee” more than I despise actions coming my way.

I also believe love never fails (even if I can’t see the good effects).

The question is, “who do I want to be and what type of journey do I want to travel?”

Answering that question for myself helps me set my standard of behaviour. It is not an easy journey and it takes maturity.

Which do you prefer?

One perpetuates drama and the other brings inner satisfaction.

If you haven’t reached the goal of not allowing circumstances to turn your world upside down, keep going. Keep applying purposeful actions to bring you to the place in your journey that you most desire.

Have a great day!

What Passion Does For You


“passion empowers me to do that thing i was created to do?”, you might ask.

“great…give me an order of passion and super-size it then”.

unlike courage, wisdom or skills, you can’t just gather passion.

passion is what compels your heart.

passion is what moves you out of your comfort zone and makes you willing to plunge into ambitious, creative endeavors.

passion inspires you to put more energy into something than is required.

passion encourages you to persevere even when it’s reasonable to quit; when there’s lots of evidence that it will never work, there’s no proof that it will, and from the outside, no one could blame you for giving up.

passion empowers you, compels you, inspires you and encourages you- giving you no other option but to keep nurturing “that thing” you were created to do with no promise of tangible success.

feel like you’ve lost your passion?

ask yourself the proverbial question,

“if i knew there was no way I would fail, what would I do?”


“if money were not an issue, what would i do even if i couldn’t earn money doing it?”

what is my passion?

i’m passionate about the heart of women and people in general.

i am passionate about the person that others have written off, the person nobody believes in, that no one thinks anything good could come out of them.

i am passionate about seeing the amazing possibilities within the heart of a person who is hurting and feeling hopeless.

i am passionate about encouraging the broken heart to work through the pain it has experienced and move forward on the journey of life and reach it’s fullest potential for wholeness and well-being.

it consumes me…inspires me…thrills me…

it feels like my purpose and makes the journey i’ve been on make sense.

now, it’s your turn…

what is your passion? what is it that empowers you to do your “thang”?

please leave me a comment below and share your passion with me. help me spread a little inspiration.


how i won’t be suffocating my confidence this year

have you got a great pair of sunglasses in hand?

you know, so that you are ready for your bright future in 2014?

the new year’s celebrations and hype are complete.

they inspire us to look forward, renew our hope for the future and say goodbye to all the gut wrenching pain experienced in the previous year.

we set goals, make ourselves promises and aspire to greatness.

after a few days, we wrestle with the continuum that is all too familiar and assume…nothing is going to change expect the date.

i decided that this year i was not going to set myself up for failure by creating a noose that would sit around my neck suffocating my confidence.

i do not like to fail!

do you?

i didn’t think so!

i’m not alone, then.

therefore, i am not going to promise to abstain from chocolate.

nor am i going to promise to get up at 4:30am every morning and run 10 miles.

it’s blowing up a storm outside as i’m getting ready for bed…so an early morning run in the pouring rain and hollowing wind during the darkest part of the morning does not appeal to me much less motivate me.

20140104-001952.jpgi have decided that i will continue my journey, a step at a time, following my plan of action(s), using my developed skill sets, and applying gathered Wisdom.

each day will be different.

if i am unequipped in an area…i will train, learn and up skill.

if change is required, i will use my courage (great or small) and work toward change.

i do not know what is on the horizon. sometimes, that makes taking a step frightening.

for those times i will lean on faith.

there will be imperfect days.

i may shed tears. i don’t relish that thought…but i may.

i will laugh.

and celebrate…YAY!

20140104-011237.jpgi will waste some time.

or sleep later than my husband who wakes at the crack of dawn.

i will have productive days like today when i reorganized my entire house.

20140104-011925.jpgalong the way,

i’ll meet you here for a heart to heart about issues important to me and common to women…

i’ll bring encouragement with me…

and leave encouraged that you came.

365 days to work with and grow in.

C’est la Vie = It is the life…the life journey i have been blessed with…

a life designed with plans for peace, …a future filled with hope. (Jer. 29:11)

if you are making resolutions, make them attainable and realistic…expect the unexpected…and always remember…

You ARE more than capable of making this year everything it should be and more!