first year anniversary

A year ago today, I was coming out of a bit of a fog in my journey. As I was reflecting on the places my journey had taken me to, I couldn’t help but think of the numbers of people in the world who may be walking through the fog of life unable to see what was in front of them or where their journey would lead them. I could relate to how the heart reacts and wanted to share a few of the insights I had gathered along the way.

I sat down and embarked on a new chapter in my life by signing up to write a blog. I was terrified. I have always struggled with opening my heart by journaling because I was very protective of the treasures that reside within my heart. I skipped the journal and went straight for the very public, open forum of blogging. I had no clue what I was doing (sometimes, I still don’t). However, I wanted to share hope, encouragement, and wisdom in a way that might help at least one other person in this big, wide world know that they could keep traveling their journey and make it through the difficult times.

The response has been overwhelming. You, my readers,  have become an amazing part of my world.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. Thank you for your patience as I have been learning each step of the way. Thank you for your continued support as my life commitments have pulled me away for longer periods of time than my heart has desired.

WordPress notified me that as of today, I have been blogging for one year. What a rewarding journey.

I hope that you will continue to read, find inspiration and hope.

Thank you for sharing this part of my journey and enriching my life as only you can!