52 opportunities for a new beginning

IMG_5040.JPGtoday is Monday, one of 52 new beginnings this year…

don’t waste it!

make this a fabulous one!

Beginning Anew in 2014

deeclarknz.comisn’t it amazing how fresh a new start feels?

there can be a feeling of trepidation as well…but closing a chapter and beginning a new one offers new hope, new creativity and new opportunities.

i enjoyed 2013 and the journey i made through it. one thing i truly learned this year is accepting each step of the journey as being exactly what i have needed at the time, has helped me know that my life is right on track…even when it’s not a celebration.

i’m looking forward to this new journey.

we live in an amazing time in history.

we are blessed beyond many if our ancestors wildest dreams.

it’s great to be alive!

it’s great to be well and able to face any challenge!

it’s great to have opportunities sitting before me!

i am planning to live my journey to the full…

and my hope is that you will join me!

Happy New Year, readers!

make the most if every minute!