Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Geometric Shapes

 deeclarknz.com Street Art in Chattanooga, Tndeeclarknz.com Street Art in Chicago, Ildeeclarknz.com Atlanta Zoodeeclarknz.com African Zebras deeclarknz.com Wellington Zoodeeclarknz.com Sunshine Skyway Bridge in St Petersburg, FLA deeclarknz.comWalking Bridge in Chattanooga, Tndeeclarknz.com  Foxeau Hotel in Bluff, NZdeeclarknz.com Street Art in Bluff, NZ deeclarknz.com Street Art in Bluff, NZ

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Geometric Shapes


A heart That Sings

USA Visit 2004 (29)This beautiful place is Coolidge Park in Chattanooga, Tn. In the heart of the city, this park brings much joy to many hearts.

Coolidge Park

These people

Copy of USA Visit 2004 (49)and this place

Coolidge Park 2005 Usa Trip (77)make my heart

Coolidge Park 2005 Usa Trip (69)SING!

Copy of USA Visit 2004 (46)

The Lord will send His faithful love by day; His song will be with me in the night. -David

My entry for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime. Please head over and view the other creative photos.


a long overdue visit home

deeclarknz.comi’m just back from my vacation to the USA. i know the saying is that “change is as good as a holiday”…but there is nothing like the real thang!

while i was away, i had the chance to play with my camera a bit. i found photographing things to be much easier than people…it’s amazing how camera shy i found my family to be. of course, the fact that i love snapping as many photos as possible doesn’t help my cause much.

deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.comi spent a week in my hometown of Chattanooga, Tn. the downtown area is so artsy and beautiful. although i was only able to spend a day downtown, it was satisfying to be standing in the midst of a place i dearly love.
deeclarknz.commy baby boy graduated high school in May and i wasn’t about too miss it! not that i need one, but it was a great excuse for a vacation.deeclarknz.comhe accepted a football scholarship to Tusculum College in Tennessee and begins his studies in the fall.deeclarknz.comi am such a proud momma! i think he was pretty proud of himself as well!deeclarknz.comgraduation was the first stop on my trip followed by awesome time with friends and family…



no trip home is complete without a few stops at my favourite places to eat….like Krispy Kreme donuts! i did feel bad because it is one of my daughter’s favourite places to stop (and she wasn’t with me…she was stuck back in NZ attending school) but as i’m sure she will testify to the fact that, i didn’t feel bad enough because i didn’t resist the temptation. on my last night in Chatt town…i had to make a late night run for some “now hot” donuts. oh, yum! as i’m shivering away in my office in the middle of the NZ winter, i’m thinking they would be soooo good about now!





my sister works for Supervalu in Atlanta. Supervalu was a sponsor for the local Special Olympics. my family was honoured to volunteer for the day. the gymnastics athletes did a fantastic job and were so proud of their accomplishments. we were proof for them as well. thank you to Supervalu for letting us participate in such an amazing day.

deeclarknz.comdriving around Atlanta left me a little edgy at times after driving for so many years on the left hand side of the road; however, i was itching for someone to trust behind the wheel of their car. sadly, most of them were too scared! my husband thinks they were wise to be.

deeclarknz.commost of my time was spent hanging out at my parents home…helping with yard work…deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com

playing with my niece  and great nieces and nephews…deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com

however, we did make time for a trip to the zoo…my son and i spent a day riding the roller coasters at Six Flags…deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com

and we took a trip to Stone Mountain for an evening laser show. it is a must see if you are ever in the Atlanta area. i didn’t do a lot of shopping this time but Target and Walmart are always on the agenda! Target just makes me happy and i wouldn’t dare return to NZ with empty hands as there would be sad faces awaiting me…and we don’t want see sad faces! needless to say, i did not protest about having to go shopping.deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com deeclarknz.com

the biggest “must” have on my vacation bucket list was watermelon and American pickles. 13 watermelon and 3.5 gallons of pickles to be exact. i know! shameful. no matter, it had to be done and i must say, i put a pretty good dent in that goal although, family and friends did help me, after all, i didn’t want to be too much of a glutton. i was close, though!

saying good bye was tough.

i miss everyone already.

i am very thankful for the time to spend giving real hugs and kisses instead of cyber ones, talking all day and night and sharing heartfelt moments.

i’m already planning my next trip…five years was far too much time away…

do you have a vacation planned in the near future? i’d love to hear how you plan to spend your time relaxing. so share your plans with me below in the comments.

here’s to great trips with family and friends!

see you soon!