Sometimes You Just Have to Give It A Go

I have to be honest with you, I am no farm girl. It is not my calling in life and I am pretty sure that I would be completely useless at the job. The first time I walked through a sheep paddock, I was so busy trying to keep “sheep-poo” off of my gumboots that I got no real work done (even though my husband said that was why I was wearing them -so I didn’t have to worry about where I stepped). I was all about protecting the shoes. I was obviously not cut out for farming or live stock management.

But I was intrigued by the deer farms (from this side of the fence) since I had never seen one in the USA. Deer roam wild in America as far I was aware. I had never seen them farmed.

I have been corrected as far as my deer farming knowledge…apparently, they are a some type of elk. City girl knowledge. But hey, it is what it is. And I’m ok with that!

My husband gifted me 100 sheep the first year we were married. Not sure he quite understood what a “gift” was at the time. It was a business gift. A way for me to make some money. Ahaha…I felt sorry for those sheep…and ME!

We tried to make a pet out of the lambs…

(By the way, that is a baby NZ opossum catching a ride there…like I said, poor sheep)

This is me trying my hand at being a rousey. Please don’t ask me to explain, I’m not sure I could. It has something to do with keeping the floor clean while the sheep are being shorn.

My son enjoyed chasing (herding) the sheep….

But once he caught one he tried riding it and I’m not sure that is what you do with sheep.

Needless to say, we only had sheep for one season and we left the farming to the experts.

I may have told you this before, but NZ has more sheep than people. NZ lamb is considered to be the best in the world. (Shhhh! we didn’t tell our sheep that they were produce … or is that an agriculture term?)

Life is much less complicated when you stick to what you know. But every once in a while, you give something a “go” just because you can. You certainly, learn a lot about yourself when you try something new.

In my case, I confirmed my life long theory that I did not want to be a farmer among other things.

I guess that is something. Now, I know for sure.

Sometimes in life you just have to give it a go.  You might look back wondering why in the world you took the path you did. Most of time, it’s pretty easy to step back and change direction. Learn. Change. Grow. And keep moving forward. At the very least, you will know for a certainty what didn’t work. Usually, you gain insight that is valuable for your journey.





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