reader response: “Do you have a favorite place to rejuvenate the soul”


i posed a question to my readers and promised to share the results. thank you so much for those of you who took a few moments of your day to share with me your favourite beautiful place to rejuvenate the soul.

i never cease to be amazed at the soothing sensation that overtakes me as i steal away for a few quiet moments to be alone, stop the madness of my day and breathe in the fresh air around me.

although, i may never be able to visit your favourite place, i can share the appreciation of a rejuvenated soul that results from the solitary moments in a beautiful place. The results are as follows:

Ariffa of Hope, Honor and Happiness wrote, “Pray and spending time with a loved one”.

Lori, a facebook friend (and BFF) wrote, “A large rock to sit on with either a view of mountain overlooks, a lake or a creek. Also, a leisure walk on beach or through a forest.”

Julie, a facebook friend wrote, “on my motorcycle on the open road.”

Jo, a facebook friend wrote, ” Central Otago.” (Central Otago is a beautiful district in New Zealand)

Maria, a facebook friend wrote, “In my boat or my bedroom.”

Julia, a facebook friend wrote, “Whigg’s Meadow (mountain) and the shore. Ahhh! So close to magnificent creation!!”

Ladies, these are all wonderful offerings.

Julia, i must say i agree, “magnificent creation”.  whether the ocean, a friend, the forest or a mountain, all are amazing components of the creation we are a part of and each beautiful in its own way. your choice of words inspired the poem below. thank you.


magnificent creation

to which i belong

abounding in harmony

magnificent and strong

i sit here among you

adoring the view

grateful and calming

my soul is renewed

i whisper a “thank you,

Creator of all”

this gift shows your nature

my heart is enthralled


thank you to all of my readers who took the time to read and share with me. i am inspired.

i look forward to hearing from your hearts again soon,












Sometimes You Need A Break To Figure Things Out


i don’t know about you, but i really enjoy quite, alone moments with my thoughts. a little time out, relaxing so i can think without distraction.

they are so important when life is pressing in. if you recognise the signals before you feel the crushing weight- time alone in a quiet, beautiful place can make all the difference in the world to clear the mind and recharge the soul.

do you have a place like that? what else helps you relax and regroup?

i would love for you to assist me in putting together a list of suggestions. please give me some ideas in the comment section.

i’ll then compile them and share them with my readers.

i look forward to seeing what you come up with!

ready, set, Go…

thanks for helping me out!