Darkness Does Not Have To Triumph

deeclarknz.com“Light always trumps darkness.

It always has, and it always will.

Therefore… if you believe that your world is darkening…

if you believe that the culture of your nation is growing dimmer by the year…

don’t blame it on the dark!

Darkness is only doing what darkness does.

“If darkness is winning the battles, my friend, it is because light is not doing it’s job.

You are light.

So wake up.

Wake up.”


You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world…

… —shine! (Msg)

Life can be hard. The economy. Heartbreak. Skinny jeans. Oh, yeah, skinny jeans. Despair can easily follow a shopping trip for a new pair of jeans. It never goes exactly the way I envision it in my mind. And when you think about, neither does life. At some point in our lives, most of us will face times that shake us to our core. The love, the joy and the hopes that we say good-bye to can cause us to think that we will never be able to function. When you’re dealing with a massive challenge, it’s okay to feel numb at first. Disbelief and denial can then lead to a sense of injustice. You think, why is this happening to me? This isn’t fair. When you recognize that you’re in a trying time and accept that you can’t change it, you’re no longer a prisoner to your situation. You free yourself to deal the best you can with the challenge ahead of you. It’s okay to feel scared and understandable to feel sorry for yourself. In the midst of tribulation, these feelings can be alluring. Whatever your problem, perhaps you can identify some good things it is currently bringing you. If not, maybe the good will come to you some time in the future, if you’re strong and patient enough to weather the storm. Often the very hardships that rock your world and break your heart are the ones that help you and bring you wisdom.  In the difficult times finding some little bit of hope, some bit of peace, some little bit of closure, something good, some little piece of beauty in the midst of some place dark can become an unexpected gift of light just when it’s needed most.

One Word Photo Challenge: Eigenrau

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