my cup overflows…the spills are love, peace, joy and more

my cup overflows/insight from a woman's heart

there are many enemies to our wholeness

opportunities that could steal our peace, hope, faith and love

while those enemies watch…

and to their dismay…

allow your heart to overflow

all the more

spilling righteous






Have a fabulous weekend everyone-it’s Friday in NZ…

see you soon,


4 thoughts on “my cup overflows…the spills are love, peace, joy and more

    • Thank you, that is very sweet. I have had a great time reading your blog as well! Especially loved the blog about hiding out in the car for a few quiet moments…mothers everywhere can relate. You certainly keep a smile on my face. Thank you for reading!


      • I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! My mom wants to start a blog – I told her yesterday about YOURS. I mentioned to her that if your write something true and pure – the words will flow …. like YOUR blog. Have a delicious day!!


      • I am honoured to have a lovely new friend. My advice to your mother would be that she trust her heart and follow it. It won’t steer her wrong. The words will flow. As well, there are generations of women who need the wisdom she has stored up as she’s walked her journey. I am convinced that we all have a circle of influence that need the supply we uniquely possess…they will find her!

        One last note. My hubby was a abalone (known as paua in NZ)diver-one of NZ’s top-in his younger days. He said to tell you he used to swim with great whites quite often (without a cage)…and he didn’t like it…they terrified him. So, he thinks you are brave.


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