The One You Will Never Lose

She is always there.

Will you accept her?

Will you love her?

Will you value her?

Will you esteem her?

If you will, there will always be someone in the room who accepts her.

She, my dear, is YOU.

(A Word A Week Challange: Chilled)

hey, it’s winter (in NZ), so let’s do cute winter things…

blossom.insight from a woman's heart

hey, it’s winter (at least in NZ), so let’s do cute winter things!

my grand-babies have been with me all weekend and we have been keeping warm inside…doing cute winter things.

however, i popped outside to shoot a couple of photos because i noticed this lovely, delicate, little flower.

it made me smile.

i love summer more than winter.

i enjoy the new buds in spring.

seeing this sweet little pedal blossoming…

was pretty spectacular…

it made me realize…even in the winter…blossoming is harder but not impossible!

keep bringing beauty and being all you can be…regardless of the conditions.

all things are possible!

i’ll have some things to share with you on Monday…after i’m finished playing with my grands…

keep warm (or enjoy the sunshine if you’re in the midst of summer)!