how to overcome the fear of failure

deeclarknz.comwe all feel fear when we try something new or difficult.

face your fears and try!

all you can do is give it your best effort.

trust your gifts and talents…

You have them for a very good reason.


a lesson in achievement: what one man does with what he has

what are you wanting to achieve? are there barriers that seem impossible to overcome? is it taking more time than you expected or want? are you thinking of giving up? do you wonder if you have what it takes?

Paul Smith was born with spastic paralysis, a nervous disorder. the video sites that it took him 32 years to learn to walk and half that to learn to talk. somewhere in the middle of his journey, he learned to paint with a typewriter. although he could not master the muscles in his body, he learned to master a machine and create master pieces of art.

this video crossed the pathway of my journey yesterday. you know the movie The Vow? The husband in that movie talks about moments of impact. yesterday,  i had a moment of impact in my heart with this video. i have not been able to rid my thoughts of the adversity this man had to overcome in order to use his unique gifting.

consider it for a minute:

  • the disability that paralyzed his muscles could have easily paralyzed his heart, desires, thoughts and ability to achieve. personally, i would have offered sympathy and felt he had every right. in fact, i might even have enabled his helplessness.
  • lying deep within a broken exterior was a gift so detailed, magnificent, and admirable that had he not worked with what he did have instead of concentrating on what he did not have…i would have missed the moment of impact  i experienced yesterday and the ability to appreciate his journey. his life would have taken a far different path had he just accepted his circumstances.

here is the lesson in achievement for my heart:

  • everyone has a supply and a purpose…we should not waste it with excuses
  • nothing is impossible
  • what i need to achieve is already in my design, i need to discover (uncover) it.
  • circumstances are not meant to stop me
  • time is available…what i need is patience, endurance, and commitment
  • the most important support i can receive is from within myself. i must trust the truest me, support her, and encourage her
  • do what i can with what i have…amazing things are possible with the simplest of resources

dear reader, i want to encourage you today to set aside your insecurities, your fears, your excuses and doubts…a go for it!

who you are is a gift to the world.

what you have to offer is as important as the offering of the Mona Lisa.

your gift may be different but you can achieve what is in your heart.

all you have to do is use what you have!

i often say…and will again today…DO NOT GIVE UP!





celebrate when you overcome a challenge

bubble celebration

bubble celebration

today i am celebrating. it’s so great to stop…appreciate…celebrate. for those of you who read my blog yesterday, the trade delegate meeting/reception was sooooo fun! i had a great time. what in the world was I worried about? right? isn’t that how it goes? now, if you haven’t read yeaterday’s blog and you feel a little in the dark…guess what…you’ll have to read it. it’s not a blogging ploy. it will just catch you up.

today, i am celebrating simple pleasure. i love simple pleasure and in my heart i celebrate them in a big way. above is a picture of my grandson when he was younger with bubbles. kids celebrate the simplest of things. they clap, laugh, jump, scream. bring out a bottle of bubbles and there is no further reason necessary….the celebration begins. puts me to shame sometimes. when i get into my spoiled mode that wants the perfect celebration…i reflect on what will bring on celebration in the heart of a child and i’m reminded to keep it simple.

back to my celebration today. as challenged as i felt about this trade delegate meeting, i pushed through and attended. the group was much smaller and intimate than i anticipated. i met a new friend potential. i shared and they listened intently. i even tried to get a Chinese man, who spoke no English, to understand what i was saying (help)…and my husband did his thing…worked the room. i enjoyed watching him do what he loves to do…talk (completely new story…he’s quite the talker! lol). i was really adjusting my crown (photo a couple of blogs back…wink, wink) and walking out of that reception room like a boss. feeling on top of the world. i let that celebration spill over in to my day today.

in addition, i spent a lovely amount of time this morning having a coffee (that’s what we do in NZ to get together and visit) with a special friend. it was cold and rainy outside, yet my heart was warm and celebrating the special opportunity this girl-time produced. i love the smell of the coffee (yum…celebrate….breathe in that gorgeous aroma), a simple snack (avocado…OMG…one of my favs…on a new cracker…gotta get some), and a delightful, beautiful friend (loveliness personified…absolutely celebrate this lovely lady). joy. joy. joy. does the heart good. makes it sing.

do i need to spell out why we do what we do when we celebrate? the benefits of celebrating simple pleasures is so important. it lifts the soul. cheers the heart. makes the challenges of life (big and small) easier to bare. can you stop for a minute, look inside your heart and find a way to celebrate something simple like a child would. a shared cuppa (cup of…coffee, tea, anything), the company of a friend, your child/grandchild, a warm, soothing bath….to name a few. If not, grab a bottle of bubbles and see if it doesn’t just make your heart begin to sing!

here’s to overcoming challenges and celebrating simple pleasures…from the abundance of my heart today…i hope your heart will sing, dance and rejoice!