10 facts about your primary gift


the holidays are finished and we are already full steam ahead into the new year. mine has already been busy and productive.

all of my Christmas decorations are down and packed away until next Christmas -which i am sure will arrive before i blink twice.

i have de-cluttered every room in my house so that everything has a place and everything is in it’s place or at least can easily be returned there.

at work, we are busy little bees as our juvenile stock grow like little weeds. i truly enjoy watching living things develop and grow.

on a personal note, i am attending to the few extra pounds by doing a refresher course on the Dukan Diet.

little by little, i am making progress and keeping up my momentum on my journey.

the next step for me is to get back to sharing my heart with my readers.

since we have not long ago had a season of giving and receiving gifts and many people are looking at what they would like to accomplish in the new year, i decided today that we should look at recognising your primary gift.

Mike Murdock shares how we can discover the gifts, opportunities and relationships that are already in our life in his Laws of Life series.

i would like to share these 10 facts to help you better recognise what your primary gift is.

  1. everyone has gifts and there will be one that is dominant in your life.
  2.  not everyone recognises their primary gift; therefore, the opportunity to feel unrewarded or dissatisfied with life can present itself.
  3. although you  may see similarities to another person’s gift, your primary gift will be unique to you. there is no one like you in all the world and your gift is significant and important.
  4. your gift will help solve problems for those closest to you. The proverbs tell us, “Don’t withhold good when it is needed, when it is in the power of your hand to do it.”
  5. obsessing about your weakness will prevent you from seeing and appreciating your gift. China has the greatest ping-pong players in the world. once when the master mentors were asked how they handled the weaknesses of their proteges, they explained that they ignored them. they explained that if the dominate strength of the player received total focus, it would compensate for any weakness elsewhere in their form. it is not wise to rehearse and focus on the qualities in life that discourage us most.
  6. your gift will operate greater in challenging circumstances. fighters and boxers will often find more energy arise in them the greater the challenge they face.
  7. you must guard against letting what other people focus on concerning you deter you. sadly, relatives can sometimes focus on your weakness and we can adapt to it. we can begin to put too much focus on what others despise.
  8. admiring other people can create a desire to emulate their primary gift. you are unique…no one can be you and you are not meant to be someone else.
  9. what you would love to do everyday of your life is a good clue to recognising your primary gift. try this: if everyone in the world was only allowed to earn $10 per hour, what would you choose to do?
  10. your point of difference is what is significant about you and your gift. it is important to learn from those around us (remember, your gift will help solve problems for those closest to you…well, so will theirs help you). however, it is important to remember that your gift, your significance and difference are for a different purpose than anyone else’s. celebrate your difference!

David recognised that he was more than a psalmist or a shepherd. he was a warrior and he knew it! Israel once sang out that Saul had slain his thousand but David, his ten thousands.

Joseph was more than an interpreter of dreams. he had uncommon compassion. recognising the unhappiness of his cell mates was the catalyst to his ascent to ruling in Eygpt.

Paul was more than a thinker or talker…he was a revelator.

finding your most dominate gift will give greater significance, satisfaction and focus to your journey. focus all of your energy on it, not your weakness. if you give your full focus to developing your gift, it will compensate for your weakness.

i certainly hope that you have had a great start to the new year and i look forward to seeing you back here soon…for more insight from a woman’s heart.


a lesson in achievement: what one man does with what he has

what are you wanting to achieve? are there barriers that seem impossible to overcome? is it taking more time than you expected or want? are you thinking of giving up? do you wonder if you have what it takes?

Paul Smith was born with spastic paralysis, a nervous disorder. the video sites that it took him 32 years to learn to walk and half that to learn to talk. somewhere in the middle of his journey, he learned to paint with a typewriter. although he could not master the muscles in his body, he learned to master a machine and create master pieces of art.

this video crossed the pathway of my journey yesterday. you know the movie The Vow? The husband in that movie talks about moments of impact. yesterday,  i had a moment of impact in my heart with this video. i have not been able to rid my thoughts of the adversity this man had to overcome in order to use his unique gifting.

consider it for a minute:

  • the disability that paralyzed his muscles could have easily paralyzed his heart, desires, thoughts and ability to achieve. personally, i would have offered sympathy and felt he had every right. in fact, i might even have enabled his helplessness.
  • lying deep within a broken exterior was a gift so detailed, magnificent, and admirable that had he not worked with what he did have instead of concentrating on what he did not have…i would have missed the moment of impact  i experienced yesterday and the ability to appreciate his journey. his life would have taken a far different path had he just accepted his circumstances.

here is the lesson in achievement for my heart:

  • everyone has a supply and a purpose…we should not waste it with excuses
  • nothing is impossible
  • what i need to achieve is already in my design, i need to discover (uncover) it.
  • circumstances are not meant to stop me
  • time is available…what i need is patience, endurance, and commitment
  • the most important support i can receive is from within myself. i must trust the truest me, support her, and encourage her
  • do what i can with what i have…amazing things are possible with the simplest of resources

dear reader, i want to encourage you today to set aside your insecurities, your fears, your excuses and doubts…a go for it!

who you are is a gift to the world.

what you have to offer is as important as the offering of the Mona Lisa.

your gift may be different but you can achieve what is in your heart.

all you have to do is use what you have!

i often say…and will again today…DO NOT GIVE UP!





you possess your greatest opportunity…quick grab it!


you and i have something very special in common. something uniquely equalising.


for what?

our individual gift.

the gift of who we are. the purpose we were built so perfectly to fulfil. no one can compare to who i am. no one can handle what i am meant to do. no one can fill my shoes…or yours!

if my gift looks different than yours- it’s supposed to. if your gift is packaged more appealingly than mine-that’s ok. your gift is packaged for optimum effectiveness…so is mine.

i might not fully understand the design but every single detail is specifically designed for maximum impact.

the key to the potential of the opportunity is to bury any fear and let the gift shine as it is.



for the gift.

then grab that beautiful opportunity with both hands and follow the instinct deep within the soul…

to do something magnificently special…
making the world a better place…

because you and i were not afraid to freely give our gift.

what do you do instinctively well…
bloggers write,
teachers teach,
mothers nurture,
wives support,
artists create,
encouragers lift spirits,
designers show flare,
mediators/facilitators blend,
organisers structure,
actors entertain,
humorists cheer,
police protect…
the gifts are varied…the value equal…the potential great…the significance irreplaceable.

don’t be afraid!




grab them and go for it!!!

make the world sit up and take notice!

have fun!