you possess your greatest opportunity…quick grab it!


you and i have something very special in common. something uniquely equalising.


for what?

our individual gift.

the gift of who we are. the purpose we were built so perfectly to fulfil. no one can compare to who i am. no one can handle what i am meant to do. no one can fill my shoes…or yours!

if my gift looks different than yours- it’s supposed to. if your gift is packaged more appealingly than mine-that’s ok. your gift is packaged for optimum effectiveness…so is mine.

i might not fully understand the design but every single detail is specifically designed for maximum impact.

the key to the potential of the opportunity is to bury any fear and let the gift shine as it is.



for the gift.

then grab that beautiful opportunity with both hands and follow the instinct deep within the soul…

to do something magnificently special…
making the world a better place…

because you and i were not afraid to freely give our gift.

what do you do instinctively well…
bloggers write,
teachers teach,
mothers nurture,
wives support,
artists create,
encouragers lift spirits,
designers show flare,
mediators/facilitators blend,
organisers structure,
actors entertain,
humorists cheer,
police protect…
the gifts are varied…the value equal…the potential great…the significance irreplaceable.

don’t be afraid!




grab them and go for it!!!

make the world sit up and take notice!

have fun!

5 thoughts on “you possess your greatest opportunity…quick grab it!

    • Thank you, Lisa. I’m glad it was helpful. We all have something very special to do and give; we can’t measure it’s importance by comparison. The fact that we are here and are passionate is all the proof we need…we just need to appreciate our gift for what it is and go with it!


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