Flying With Grace

I love looking out of the window of an airplane

flying high above the earth.

When I look down everything seems so much smaller, insignificant;

quieter, less tense, less hurried.

I imagine grace is the equivalent in my day to day being and living.

Grace is what picks me up

and lifts me high above the “stuff” involved in living

so that I fly in freedom

from anger, sadness, unkindness and un-forgiveness.

Grace provides a smoothness and elegance to my every movement;

courtesy, decency, and respect.

Grace reminds me that I am not perfect.

I need grace.

I am given grace.

Grace restores dignity-

mine and to others.

It allows us to continue to soar.

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Planes

Morning Dew

I have had a few early mornings with my camera lately (the weather is co-operating recently). Yesterday, everything seemed to be glistening with dew. It was fabulously beautiful. A couple of spiderwebs caught my eye…so, I went with it.
dew is the fruit of a clear, calm, quiet sky



quickening life



Grace is similar to dew





bringing softness, refreshing and fruitfulness to my heart

how to overcome the fear of failure

deeclarknz.comwe all feel fear when we try something new or difficult.

face your fears and try!

all you can do is give it your best effort.

trust your gifts and talents…

You have them for a very good reason.