one simple step to make your heart lighter

enjoy the miracle of existence today/insight from a woman's heart

truth is here,

inspiration is here,

love is here,

peace is here,

God is here,

joy is here,

because YOU are here.

-Dr. Robert Holden

the baggage of your past, the anxiety of what tomorrow holds, and the moment’s circumstances can weigh the heart down. i know by experience. yet, one simple step can lighten the load the heart carries.

remind your heart to enjoy the miracle of your existence today (Dr. Robert Holden).

feel yourself breath. feel the beat of your heart. move. touch. smell. taste. you are alive and well -despite your circumstances. this day holds possibilities, answers, truths, joys, love, peace, faith…just because your are here today to reach out and grab them.

you are here…and it’s a miracle!


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