what was i supposed to do again? oh, yeah…spot foolishness

2013Jan (19)

Proverbs is written as if Wisdom is speaking directly to the reader. if i’m going to take advice on how to be wise…well, wisdom itself would be the best place to get good advice. when i want to cook a fabulous dinner…i listen to the people who know how to make dinner my first cheesecakefabulous, right? or search the internet, pinterest, or books to get the tips that will help me do it the right way…i’m either over the multitude of failures in the kitchen, i don’t have time for failing or i’m 52 and have learned, “i don’t know everything” and i might just need some help.  i look at Proverbs like that. it is jammed packed full of down to earth, practical ways to make my life successful, my relationships work better, my heart avoid pain and  to have fewer failures. i actually like it. i am working on sharing what i see there. i am a bit behind but i want to share a few things i see in chapter 2 today.

peaceful/insight to a woman's heart

so, here goes.

what Proverbs 2 says about wisdom:

  • wise words are valuable to my life.
  • my heart is a key component…my heart has to be “in it” for me to have a chance of applying the principles. have you ever said, “my heart’s just not in it?” if my heart’s not “in it” basically i’m not going to “do it”. the Bible said it first. lol
  • God is the wisest of all…the wisdom in His is mouth holds the key to success.
  • success comes by applying wisdom (not rocket science, right? fools aren’t usually very successful…we’ve all witnessed that)
  • walking blameless is protection (if you don’t speed you are protected from speeding tickets…why didn’t i think of that?)
  • wisdom helps me understand what is right, just and fair for every path (now, how many times have i said i didn’t know what to do…”she made me so mad, i didn’t know what to do…so i gave her an earful”-i do know. telling someone off makes me feel better but doesn’t actually bring a solution that improves my life).
  • wisdom will keep me out of trouble and safe.
  • wisdom will  keep me from falling for the wrong person. i won’t be tempted to fall for ”a line” (flattering lips, seduction, manipulation)
  • when i follow wisdom’s advice i get to keep traveling my journey.
  • you do the crime, you do the time! basically that is what the last part of chapter 2 says. if i don’t follow wisdom i get cut off from my life…you play, you pay. the most obvious is being cut off from my life by going to jail . if i cheat in relationships, they end. if i don’t do my job well, i loose it. if i spend too much money, i’m broke all the time. if i’m rude and obnoxious, people won’t stay around me.

lifejourney/insight from a woman's heart

honestly, i can’t argue with those points. my life experiences have been witness to these practical tips (one of these days, i’ll tell you about my afternoon in the “slammer”…that got my attention.. QUICK!). i’ve blown a few things myself. i’ve watched family and friends blow a few things. tell you what though, i’m learning…i’m valuing wisdom more now than i ever have (you know…learning from my mistakes), and my heart after all the pain it’s been through has decided, “it’s in”!

i don’t want to be foolish with my life…do you?

have a fabulous day…I’ve shared with you a few tips (a recipe) from proverbs to help make it that way. go for it!

as always, i am so happy you stopped by,


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