Garlic Salt Recipe 

I have a handy little recipe to share with you today. 

I use garlic salt almost as much as I use water. I love it! However, this little 200g jar normally costs me over $8NZD. Not thrifty enough for this girl.

After reading several recipes, I quickly found out that there are only two ingredients needed to make my favourite spice mixture: garlic and salt. Duh, Dee? Right? 

The “how to” was as embarrassingly easy. Although it was easy peasy to put together, there are a couple of ways to go about it. 

1. Garlic granules and salt.

2. Fresh garlic finely crushed mixed with salt and then dried until all of the moisture is gone from the garlic.

Today, I opted for using the granules but I will definitely attempt using fresh garlic the next time.

So, here’s how easy it was to make (I opted to experiment and make my own version of the recipes I read):

1 cup sea salt (iodised salt was not recommended. Sea salt is heartier and tastes best)

1 – 45g packet of garlic granules

That’s it! Mix and store in an airtight container. It should stay fresh for 3-4 months (mine won’t last that long!)

Because I like Herbed garlic salt, I also added:

1Tbls dried dill

1 Tbls dried parsley

1 Tbls dried chives

The total cost for this recipe was $3 and I have plenty of ingredients to make more. It only took a couple of minutes to mix together as well. Plus, I felt quite accomplished! (Simple pleasures!)

BTW, herbed garlic salt is what I use for my homemade ranch dressing. Perfect every time! So, this will work a treat!

If you love using garlic salt as much as I do, give this recipe a try…you will love it!

8 Things You Don’t Need Anymore (#7 Made Me Panicky)

  You know how they say that change is as good as a holiday? Yeah, well, organisation is like that for me. And yesterday I spent the day re-organising my kitchen. Attending to all those little jobs that I have been putting off. Seriously, you guys! I feel completely refreshed today and thrilled with my kitchen.

If you have been using the “latter” word when it comes to your clutter…go conquer your stuff! It’s a fabulous feeling.

Professional organiser, Jill Pollack, has 8 things you can get rid of today and you won’t even miss them:

1. Old Paint. All the touch-up paint you are holding onto expires 6 months anyway. Keep the info and have a test pot made if you ever need touch-up paint. 

2. Black Boots. We women have heaps of shoes and boots. Seriously, who needs several pairs of black boots? Pay attention to the ones you default to most often and pair down the number to two pair. (I know, don’t hyper-ventilate!)

3. Candles. We all have them everywhere. How old are they? Do they still smell like vanilla or pumpkin or anything fresh? Do you light them? Or are they just collecting dust! I don’t know about you, but I don’t need one more thing to dust. I recently biffed all my candles that were more than a year old…and the others, I have been lighting and using them! I’m even thinking of learning to make my own. That way I won’t feel bad about using them cause I’ll know, I can just make more! I’ll let you know if I do.

4. Ugly-Mismatched Sheets! Ok, this is my home pet-peeve. I hate to sleep under ugly, mismatched sheets and blankets in my own home. You only need 2 sets of sheets per bed unless you never do laundry. Then, as Jill points out, you have bigger problems than ugly sheets. 

5. Old cellphones and technology. Unless you are a museum curator you are never going to need all that…out…out with it all…Jill says, “feel good about it and let it go.”

6. Old textbooks and encyclopaedias. With information so readily available, if you haven’t cracked open any of those books in ages, recycle, recycle, recycle.

7. Freebie Pens. Ok, we all have that 1 item that is terribly hard to part with. Mine is pens. Confession time: I have a pen fettish! I love them. I collect them! I might have even been known to accidentally keep a few hundred freebie pens (even though my husband can never find a pen when he needs one…shhh, I sometimes hide them, too!) so, this one is difficult for me. But, I do evaluate and toss the ones that are out of ink. That is progress for me. I used to save the cool ones thinking I would replace the ink refill…NEVER happened. So, now, when they stop writing, I mournfully send them to pen heaven. Ok, I trash them. Be brave…you don’t really need all those pens. I’m working on this one.

8. Free Delivery Magnets. They are just plan ugly. Sorry. Put them in a toxic recycle bin. Yeah, not supposed to just trash them.

Are you feeling panicky?


It’s alright.

You CAN do this.

Don’t put it off until later. Now is the new later according to Peter Walsh


Go, do it now. 

You’ll feel all good and smart and relaxed and like you’ve just had a holiday. That is if your the same kind of organisational-crazy that I am! If not, you’ll feel more organised.

What would you add to the list?
Happy organising! Come sip coffee with me when you’re done.

See you soon.

Oh, here’s a snap shot of my clean little pantry cupboard. One thing I had to let go of were spices and empty spice bottles (although I kept 6 empties just in case I forgot something). I buy spices from the bulk store and refill bottles I have. So, I’m down to the spices I use all the time and nothing more. If the empty bottles aren’t used in 3 months, they are going. 


3 ways to recharge energy levels throughout the day

20140225-222653.jpggood morning!

before you reach for the aromatic cup of morning joy, let’s talk about how to deal with those moments today when your energy level will take a dip or two or three.

according to Dr Oz, our bodies work in 8 hour increments. after 8 hours we begin to feel sluggish and tired. did you know the groggiest part if your day will most likely be 30 minutes after waking following an 8 hour sleep? if this is our groggiest time of day then the next dips in our energy levels would be mid afternoon and evening.

there are three ways to recharge your energy levels throughout the day when they begin to drop.

1. turn your morning coffee into a latte by adding 1/2 cup of milk. the protein in the milk will make a difference.

2. aroma therapy has been proven to help in the afternoon. peppermint or lemon will stimulate the brain and produce alertness.

3. magnesium is the third way to recharge your battery. following dinner, many people enjoy having dessert. incorporate cinnamon, bananas and peanut butter in your sweet treat. this will boost energy into the next day.

ok, now that you’re armed with what you can do today to counteract that “i need a nap” before i crash feeling…

grab your cup…

make a homemade latte…

and go meet your day.

i hope it is a great one!


8 household tips and tricks


my American friend, Phil shared a few helpful kitchen hints today on Facebook.

i enjoy any help that makes kitchen work a little bit easier to deal with. like, my new dwelling has a fan bake oven. it’s quick and we are really enjoying the taste of the meat that i have cooked in it. Now, you may know all about fan-baking. bare in mind, that i have not had an oven at all in ages and had to fry everything. so, having a healthier options but the added benefit of quick, delist meals has delighted my heart. ok, simple pleasures but nonetheless, i’m thrilled.

as well, having had my personal items in storage for the past three years, i can not sing enough praises for the way baking soda cleaned…well everything…it did not let me down plus it’s cheap, environmentally friendly and well, everything is sparkling!

i don’t have appropriate credits for this info but would willing provide it if someone knows of it’s origin. the original list was longer but i am sharing the great eight:

1. for less mess and perfectly shaped pancakes, use a meat baster. i thought this was great. it’s like using a giant eye dropper…more control, less mess.

2. when you are baking and the recipe calls for flouring the pan, use some of the dry cake mix instead as you won’t have the white mess on the outside of the cake after baking.

3. when you accidentally over salt a dish -adding a peeled potato will absorb the excess salt.

4. add a pinch of sugar to the water when boiling corn on the cob to bring out it’s natural sweetness.

5. headache cure: cut a lime in half and rub it on your forehead. bye-bye throbbing.

6. use a latex glove to open difficult jars. i love this one because i have small hands and i always struggle with jars.

7. have ants? personally, i don’t see them here like i did in the states. my last house in the states had huge fire ant nests in the yard. anyway, i digress-it has been said that ants won’t cross a chalk line. “put a line in the sand” so to speak and draw a chalk line where the ants are marching.

8. to clean the toilet, drop in two tablets of alka seltzer, leave for it for twenty minutes, brush and flush! the citric acid and effervescent action in alka seltzer will also clean the bottom of a vase, thermos bottle and it will polish jewelery. wait, one more…unclog your sink with alka seltzer. drop three tablets down the drain followed by one cup of vinegar. wait a few minutes and then run the hot water.

does it make you want to go clean or cook something? nawh, me either…it’s Friday night and housework can wait…..but….next time we do need these tips…we will be prepared, eh?

for now, go have a fun weekend!

helpful hint: trash can liner solution

20130823-102946.jpgi thought i would share a helpful tip today. i am always looking for great solutions to common home problems.

one of my home pet peeves is an overflowing trash can. i often think,” am i the only person in this household that can actually see that the trash can is full and overflowing?”

even when my daughter was at home, we were out numbered 2 to 4 by the blokes. things like toilet seat position, spilled coffee trails and full trash cans were never a problem for them…they never noticed! Lol

now that i am the only female at home now, it hasn’t improved. so, i need to have those helps tips that help me keep things in order.

i like to recycle my plastic grocery bags and lucky for me they fit perfectly into my kitchen trash can. the only problem i had was that with the guys wanting to make sure it held as much as possible before emptying…the bag would give with the weight, the bag would slip off and rubbish would be all over the trash can…what’s the point if the liner if it doesn’t contain the contents.

20130823-104056.jpgi took a knife and slit open the handle portions of the bag as you can see in the photo.

20130823-104341.jpgi then position the bag in my trash can inner.

20130823-104444.jpgnext, i tie the handle portions that i slit open into a tidy knot.

20130823-104942.jpgpresto! i have a tidy, non-slip trash can liner. no mess. trash can solution almost solved…

now, if i can convince the guys to see that it’s full and empty it before it is overflowing!

i’m always interested in helpful hints that’s why i love Pinterest. if you have any ideas that i could put to use, please share them in the comments section below. i’d be happy to share them with my readers as well!

i hope you find my trash can solution helpful.

see you soon!