8 household tips and tricks


my American friend, Phil shared a few helpful kitchen hints today on Facebook.

i enjoy any help that makes kitchen work a little bit easier to deal with. like, my new dwelling has a fan bake oven. it’s quick and we are really enjoying the taste of the meat that i have cooked in it. Now, you may know all about fan-baking. bare in mind, that i have not had an oven at all in ages and had to fry everything. so, having a healthier options but the added benefit of quick, delist meals has delighted my heart. ok, simple pleasures but nonetheless, i’m thrilled.

as well, having had my personal items in storage for the past three years, i can not sing enough praises for the way baking soda cleaned…well everything…it did not let me down plus it’s cheap, environmentally friendly and well, everything is sparkling!

i don’t have appropriate credits for this info but would willing provide it if someone knows of it’s origin. the original list was longer but i am sharing the great eight:

1. for less mess and perfectly shaped pancakes, use a meat baster. i thought this was great. it’s like using a giant eye dropper…more control, less mess.

2. when you are baking and the recipe calls for flouring the pan, use some of the dry cake mix instead as you won’t have the white mess on the outside of the cake after baking.

3. when you accidentally over salt a dish -adding a peeled potato will absorb the excess salt.

4. add a pinch of sugar to the water when boiling corn on the cob to bring out it’s natural sweetness.

5. headache cure: cut a lime in half and rub it on your forehead. bye-bye throbbing.

6. use a latex glove to open difficult jars. i love this one because i have small hands and i always struggle with jars.

7. have ants? personally, i don’t see them here like i did in the states. my last house in the states had huge fire ant nests in the yard. anyway, i digress-it has been said that ants won’t cross a chalk line. “put a line in the sand” so to speak and draw a chalk line where the ants are marching.

8. to clean the toilet, drop in two tablets of alka seltzer, leave for it for twenty minutes, brush and flush! the citric acid and effervescent action in alka seltzer will also clean the bottom of a vase, thermos bottle and it will polish jewelery. wait, one more…unclog your sink with alka seltzer. drop three tablets down the drain followed by one cup of vinegar. wait a few minutes and then run the hot water.

does it make you want to go clean or cook something? nawh, me either…it’s Friday night and housework can wait…..but….next time we do need these tips…we will be prepared, eh?

for now, go have a fun weekend!

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