Blur 2


We own a family business and the lines between business and family often become blurred. It’s not always easy to remember which hat we are wearing at work; father/employer, hatchery assistant/wife, farm hand/son. We have had a few trying days … Continue reading

no place like home (time to visit)

20140516-204533.jpgThere is the most beautiful moon hanging out just outside my bedroom window tonight. Many nights I look up and dream of home.

No, I’m not from outer space nor is home located on the moon.

I guess it’s because home sometimes feels as distant as the moon is from earth. I miss my family. I don’t care how old I get, having my mom or dad wrap their arms around me and squeeze tightly will be a comfort that can never be replaced. Sitting with my siblings, laughing and acting like we are children, is heart-warming entertainment.

I miss my friends as well. Not to take anything away from the wonderful friends I’ve made here. However, I’m overdue a heart to heart or two.

It’s been five years since I last traveled home. It’s time for a visit…actually, well past time.

I’m so excited that by this time next week, I will be among family and friends probably trying to out-talk each other, most certainly sharing laughter and joy and my heart will be singing!

As I stare out my window tonight, I’m thinking, “I wonder how much has changed?”

Most likely, everything has.

Will I be a stranger in my own homeland? Out of touch?

In some ways, the answer to those questions is definitely, “yes”. I wouldn’t have a clue about what’s “in” or “hip” or “trendy”.

However, no distance or amount of time can make me a stranger…for love is amazing -bonding hearts together.

I might, however, end up on the receiving end of a few finger waves since I’ve been driving on the wrong side of the road for the past 11 years.
My driving skills may be a bit rusty.

4 more sleeps!

I can’t wait….be sure to check for photos. I’ll have so much to show you!


home: my heart is yearning for a far away place

deeclarknz.comthere are days when I feel a million miles away. my heart is yearning for a far away place. the warmth of love, the comfort of familiar places and faces. i have many blessings here…but there is no place like home.

helpful hint: trash can liner solution

20130823-102946.jpgi thought i would share a helpful tip today. i am always looking for great solutions to common home problems.

one of my home pet peeves is an overflowing trash can. i often think,” am i the only person in this household that can actually see that the trash can is full and overflowing?”

even when my daughter was at home, we were out numbered 2 to 4 by the blokes. things like toilet seat position, spilled coffee trails and full trash cans were never a problem for them…they never noticed! Lol

now that i am the only female at home now, it hasn’t improved. so, i need to have those helps tips that help me keep things in order.

i like to recycle my plastic grocery bags and lucky for me they fit perfectly into my kitchen trash can. the only problem i had was that with the guys wanting to make sure it held as much as possible before emptying…the bag would give with the weight, the bag would slip off and rubbish would be all over the trash can…what’s the point if the liner if it doesn’t contain the contents.

20130823-104056.jpgi took a knife and slit open the handle portions of the bag as you can see in the photo.

20130823-104341.jpgi then position the bag in my trash can inner.

20130823-104444.jpgnext, i tie the handle portions that i slit open into a tidy knot.

20130823-104942.jpgpresto! i have a tidy, non-slip trash can liner. no mess. trash can solution almost solved…

now, if i can convince the guys to see that it’s full and empty it before it is overflowing!

i’m always interested in helpful hints that’s why i love Pinterest. if you have any ideas that i could put to use, please share them in the comments section below. i’d be happy to share them with my readers as well!

i hope you find my trash can solution helpful.

see you soon!