3 ways to recharge energy levels throughout the day

20140225-222653.jpggood morning!

before you reach for the aromatic cup of morning joy, let’s talk about how to deal with those moments today when your energy level will take a dip or two or three.

according to Dr Oz, our bodies work in 8 hour increments. after 8 hours we begin to feel sluggish and tired. did you know the groggiest part if your day will most likely be 30 minutes after waking following an 8 hour sleep? if this is our groggiest time of day then the next dips in our energy levels would be mid afternoon and evening.

there are three ways to recharge your energy levels throughout the day when they begin to drop.

1. turn your morning coffee into a latte by adding 1/2 cup of milk. the protein in the milk will make a difference.

2. aroma therapy has been proven to help in the afternoon. peppermint or lemon will stimulate the brain and produce alertness.

3. magnesium is the third way to recharge your battery. following dinner, many people enjoy having dessert. incorporate cinnamon, bananas and peanut butter in your sweet treat. this will boost energy into the next day.

ok, now that you’re armed with what you can do today to counteract that “i need a nap” before i crash feeling…

grab your cup…

make a homemade latte…

and go meet your day.

i hope it is a great one!


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