love is a lifeline

20140225-150101.jpgyou know “that person”, don’t you? i’m sure you do, we all have a least one. that person that is not very loveable.

seriously, i am the person who loves all the ideals of love. i love the warmth and comfort of love. let me just snuggle and nestle in -my heart will sing!

however, life is not full of ideal love.

in fact, before you finish your first cup of coffee some mornings, you might be jolted into the reality that love is not for the faint hearted and that there are unlovable qualities in people.

but here’s the thing, “good” and “bad” behavior is really more about the condition of the heart and soul. behaviors aren’t the person.

maturity is required to love the unlovable (or anyone for that matter) and see that person as loveable and redeemable.

dealing with someone who is drowning in a difficult situation or who is in desperate need of help with their own survival can be exasperating.

wreckless words and behaviors throw out after-shocks that are painful to the heart.

“that person” needs a lifeline; an anchored line of hope and help that they can depend on.

love is the lifeline.

love is the ray of light that penetrates deep.

as a lifeline, love does not always feel warm and comfortable. to “that person” accountable/tough love can feel anything but comfortable.

but, people (including “that person”) need something they can take hold of and hold onto while they journey toward a successful outcome even when the successful outcome looks impossible.

it’s far too easy to label those around us as an enemy, adversary or a “write-off” and walk away.

if our choices define who we are and what we are made of, then committing to the most difficult act of love shows strength of character.

did you know that love and forgiveness exploit weakness?

it does!

we’ve all heard the stories of how someone with a cold, hard-hearted and unloving defence had their position weakened when consistently, faithfully confronted with love.

love never fails.

it’s love that keeps us inseparable.

it’s love that removes fear.

it’s love that trusts “that person” to find their way out of desperate situations.

exhausting? frustrating? painful?

sure it is. that’s why it’s called self-sacrificing.

but it’s the very reason someone steps out in the face of danger, sits up all night with an ill child, endures unspeakable tantrums, rescues an addicted loved one or puts their life on the front lines of war.

we lay down our lives for the sake of love when others tell us we are crazy.

we know in our hearts that within “that person” in need our love…there exists something worth redemption.

redeeming love is equally difficult to accept and to offer.

i know in my own life that there have been people who have provided redeeming love to help me through my desperate life situations.

we know that because we’ve been redeemed by love that enduring with love is worth the pain.

so, don’t give up.

help “that person” understand that they should reach out, take hold and hold on!

Francine Rivers’ book Redeeming Love is an excellent portrayal of the struggles and victories associated with loving someone out of a difficult situation.

whether you are the one offering love or the one in need of a lifeline, may i suggest you read it as a source of encouragement?

the person committed to love in this way will need faith, loyal friends, strong moral values and courage to sacrifice himself for greater good.

are you up to the challenge?

come on, take a deep breath and get back in there…”that person” might be depending on you to throw them a lifeline.


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