Stop breathing Carbon Monoxide…”Encouragement is the oxygen of the soul”

encouragement/insight from a woman's heart

is your soul showing high levels of toxicity?





lack of confidence

encouragement really is the oxygen of the soul.

detox your soul.

“confidence – the state of feeling certain about the truth of something” -make sure what you are breathing into your soul is truth.

encourage yourself. your voice is the most important voice you listen to. make sure you are breathing “oxygen” into your soul instead of carbon monoxide (which can be deadly).

detox your relationships.

the people around you are looking for significance just as you are. encourage them. you will be cultivating healthier relationships.

there is a lot of hype right now concerning detoxing the body. there are simple steps you can take to create more balanced health.

in the same way, you can detoxify your emotional health and get rid of the toxic elements of your emotional well-being.

encouragement is a great place to start.

you possess this ability. it’s up to you to believe in yourself, first.

then, you can sow the kindness of encouraging others…and you will reap encouragement.

I am significant.

I matter.

I am important.

and this is also true for you!

see you soon,


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