I’m So Glad You Are Here

Welcome! I am so happy that you have decided to follow my blog and I want you to know that you matter to me! I want to welcome all of you who liked the blog and my Facebook page this week, shared a post, shared a thought or just stopped by to read a post! I am grateful for each of you.

I find so much joy interacting with all of you. You each have shared with me from your heart and I am grateful.
My college friend, Jeannie, shared this with me this week:
“Oil and perfume make the heart glad; So does the sweetness of a friend’s counsel that comes from the heart.” ~Proverbs
This is a perfect picture of the beauty of women sharing heart to heart. It is sweet and makes the heart glad!
Jeannie, Thank you!
I hope your heart was encourage, inspired and a little happier!
I look forward to seeing you often and please keep talking to me. Share a story or an experience. Let’s keep the conversations going! It’s sweet!
Journey on,


Welcome New Readers


I would like to take this moment and Welcome all of my New Readers!

I am very pleased that you have accepted my invitation and have joined me here at Insight From A Woman’s Heart.

Come around anytime that you need a generous helping of encouragement, hope and love. We’ll have a little heat to heart chat and your soul leave a little lighter. Invite your friends to join us as well. The more the merrier.

Feel free to share your experiences, ask questions or encourage others. We need to hear your voice, too.

It is so nice to meet you! You are a valuable member of my blogosphere and I will look forward to seeing you often.

Happy Reading,