How a winner sees opportunity

20140726-210338-75818377.jpgan opportunity usually involves a set of circumstances with an uncertain outcome…

requiring a commitment of resources…

involving exposure to risk…


it’s important to realise that if you want to win…

accepting the opportunity means that you will invest the resources you have to work with, accept the uncertainty and risk then jump in and work with all your might to make the opportunity a success.

give it all you’ve got!




How to Grow A Beautiful Life (quote)

i saw this quote and it touched my heart. it spoke to me of someone who wanted more out of life than to simply be miserable about the circumstances he found himself in.

he was a story teller. in one of his last posts on Facebook, he told of this conversation between himself and the old wooden stove that he loved:

At the farm this morning, I awoke with energy in excess and optimism in abundance. I am not sure why, but by the time I dressed and was headed for the kitchen, I found myself belting out the lyrics to The Man of La Mancha.

“To dream the impossible dream…to fight the unbeatable foe…to run where the brave dare not go…to try when your arms are too weary…to reach the unreachable star. That is my quest, to follow that stare, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far.”

The wood stove heard me and was moaning when I entered the kitchen. “I don’t think you should audition for a Broadway show.” Oh my before I can thank her for her understatement, she goes on. “You’re a farmer, not a crooner, and while you can push a wheelbarrow, you couldn’t carry a tune in one.” Oh my I guess she makes her views clear.

“You are more adapt at reciting poetry. Why don’t you spend your
time reciting Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven.’ You memorized it in high school and my guess is you still remember it.” Oh my she’s right. But talk about a transition from an optimistic song to the dark and sultry words of Poe in The Raven. A talking wood stove is more than I can handle. I don’t need a talking raven.

So I start to belt out the words that Frank Sinatra popularized in “That’s Life. That’s what people say. You’re riding high in April, shot down in May. But I know I am gonna change their tune when I’m right back top in June.”

Well that got the old stove laughing, she said, “Well their you go again from happiness to tragedy and back to happiness. That seems to be the way life often unfolds. Uncertain and unpredictable it is. You have demonstrated that life is kind of like riding a roller coaster–your not in control–and life has its up and down. You have been to the edge of the cliff more than a few times in life, but you have hung on and you need to continue to do that.” Oh my I guess she’s right.

I’ll hang on and hopefully do the best I can with what I am handed in life. I trust on this day your goal is the same. The best to you from the farm. -Winston Borden

he is described as an optimistic fighter…

this is my goal…not just today but each day…i want to do the best I can with what i have been handed…the seeds of life circumstances. i want to take and plant them and hopefully find they produced something beautiful and full of colour.

i hope you found his story to be as inspiring as i did.

thank you for stopping by,



a king’s cure for depression

deeclarknz.comThe story is told of the biblical King Solomon. He once called his wise men together and presented them with a challenge. “Find me a cure for depression.” They meditated for a long time, then gave him the following advice. “Your Majesty, make yourself a ring and have engraved thereon the words: This too shall pass.” He had the ring made and wore it constantly. Every time he felt sad or depressed, he looked at the inscription, which tended to lift his spirits.

“This too shall pass.” Indeed, it shall. Whether positive or negative, nothing in life lasts forever, even if it sometimes feels as if it will. We are certain of this because we know even life itself doesn’t last forever. -Phillip Yaffe

this happens to be one of my favorite sayings and i find it interesting that King Solomon used it as a cure for depression…

Give and Give Again

deeclarknz.comit is far too easy to live as though we are invincible…as though there will always be numerous opportunities before us.

why do we wait for the last opportunities to emphasize value on what we might be faced with loosing?

being in only this moment-not regretting, grieving or obsessing over the past; not worrying, being anxious or fearful of the future-but fully living, appreciating and dwelling in this moment and all its splendor would change so much about our lives.

we would forgive and give more.

we would love more deeply.

so, why not?

we should!

i should!

it would require focus.

probably a lot of focus.

yet, it’s doable….

Love, forgive and give as if you only have this one chance…

As Life Goes By

what seems to grow fairer to me

as life goes by is the love and grace and tenderness of it;

not it’s wit and cleverness and grandeur of knowledge

-grand as knowledge is-

but just the laughter of children

and the friendship of friends,

and the cozy talk by the fire,

and the sight of flowers,

and the sound of music.

-author unknown

how to judge success

i made my first attempt at making a carrot cake yesterday.

major fail.

i burned it. it didn’t cook in the middle and burned on the outside.

i was so hopeful when i started.

when i removed it from the oven, it did not resemble my hope. it was a mess.

funny thing is that it’s just a cake but failure in any form brings disappointment.

a friend of mine shared recently that when she went back to college after being out of school for several years, she made a 12 on her first Algebra exam. yet, she completed her degree and reached her goal.

many great successes occurred through a journey of failures…

and questions of whether or not time, energy and efforts were being wasted.

the key is that nothing is ever wasted unless you stop trying.

my husband always tells me, concerning his research and development project with oysters, “the problem always points you in the direction of the solution”.

failure can show us what can be improved; what didn’t work so that we can move onto what will.

it is important to believe in who you are and the value of what you are doing.

it’s easy to think that giving up leaves little consequence…sometimes that may be true…but really, no one can do your part and the world needs your great and the small victories.

the world will not be changed by the fact that i successfully make a carrot cake…but it will delight my husband’s heart to be presented with his favorite cake as a gesture of love.

my friend works as a counselor helping people through their dark hours.

the business, my husband and i have been working to build, is an important piece of a puzzle that the the aquaculture industry in NZ is missing. no one sees all of the struggles and failures we have walked through. no one will ever fully understand what it has cost us to keep going. what has become apparent is the “need” it is meeting and who can benefit as we keep going.

what we can’t see is that somewhere in the future someone’s job, business, and future could be forming by what we are doing today. someone who will benefit by the charitable kindnesses we give is waiting out there in the “one day”…people i do not yet know…who will cross my path and need what will be within my ability to give.

the people we admire who seem to have impacted the world in great ways could never have imagined the faces of the multitudes who were impacted as they began by reaching out to one.

you, dear reader, can change the world…

by being who you were created to be…

by getting up when you fall down…

by using the talents, resources, and energy you have within your hand right now…

by reaching out for one…then another…

success for you will look different than it looks for me, or than it looked for Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela…

but it will be success nonetheless…

and the value of that success can not be measured or judged by conventional standards of greatness…

it is judged in the heart by those it touches…helps…and rescues…

i burned a cake yesterday, but my husband hugged me and thanked me…because it touched his heart.


What Nelson Mandela Believed About Love and Hate


i love this!

it’s so true.

no one is born filled with hatred…we teach it to one another.

love is powerful.

love is healing.

love answers so many if life’s dilemmas.

as my friend, Jeannie, posted today on Facebook with this photo:

R.I.P. Nelson Mandela.

You taught us much about hope, perseverance and forgiveness.

Thank you.

i quoted Jeannie because i couldn’t have said it better myself. (Thank you, Jeannie, for your thoughtful heart, encouraging spirit and inspiring life! you cheer my heart almost daily…and you should know that you make a difference in my world!)

it’s the Christmas season and we are focused on an atmosphere of love…

may we all look beyond the outer package and see the heart with eyes of love…

and honor the examples that have gone before us to show us the way (even in the face of much adversity).


(i could not find photo credit. as always, if anyone can provide information…i will be happy to provide appropriate credit).