How To Prevent Failed Relationships

How can two walk together unless they agree?

Relationship is the hardest work you will ever do. Don’t you think? Two or more people with differing cultural, family, traditional, spiritual and economical values, opinions and aspirations attempt to walk together. We join others in relationship for sports, business, hobbies, community, life and a variety of other reasons. Once we make the decision we want to work together…the fun begins as long as we keep a clear focus on why we wanted to be together in the first place.

Otherwise, we loose our minds in craziness. Have you ever noticed how purely ridiculous things can become when we attempt to walk together and don’t agree? That’s the point we are in danger of no longer walking together.

Agreement is the key. Do we always agree? NO!!!! When we don’t agree, what then?

IMG_1860.JPGWhen I ask that question, if your mind only goes to the differences people have in the areas I mentioned above, you most likely will never reach agreement.

Agreement is harmony. The sound of a beautiful melody or symphony. The dictionary used the word accordance. A chord is made up of differing notes put together to make music. Accordance happens when we take our individual differences in opinion and feeling and make them work together for the relationship. I like the thought of that. But then, again, that is the work of relationship…and remember I have already said that its the hardest work you will ever do. However, the reward of walking together is much easier on the heart then a break-up and heartache.

Did you know that another meaning for agreement is consistency? Everyone who has taken to hard work understands consistency and its benefits. My home town, Chattanooga, just hosted an Ironman Competition. The preparation for entering the race commands hours, days, weeks and even months of hard, consistent training.

We know this concept.

We’ve got this down pat in many areas of our lives.

We consistently get up day in and day out and head to work. There are days we want to cover our heads with the blankets but we like eating more, so we get up.

Speaking of eating, I consistently feed my face. To be honest, I’m not always thinking about the health of my body. Somedays it’s all about the chocolate. Nonetheless, I am consistent to fuel my body because I want to stay alive. I’m not crazy about the alternative.

Here’s the thing, we understand the importance of consistency in most everything we do. We have practiced it over and over again. Really, we are agreeing to do what it takes in those areas of our lives to make things work. I think, as hard as it is, it’s also that simple. Looking at the signals, coming to terms together on the best course of action and then doing it together to ensure the best or desired result.

The individuals in a relationship may be the greatest stars in the world, but if they don’t work together, they won’t succeed.

Relationship is an ever growing process. It develops in the ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, and laughed together.

Succeeding in relationship requires that the people involved recognize that they have responsibilities as well as rights. Asking only what’s in it for me means we forget our destinies are bound together. Without commitment to others, without love, charity, duty, and consistency (agreement) we destine ourselves to failure.

Together we can face any challenges as deep as the sea and as high as the sky.

Do you know the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together?” Let me just say this, if you are constantly entering bad relationships check your feathers. If you possess a hurting heart full of pain, rejection, anger, bitterness, and hatred, you will notice those types of birds flocking toward you. Get well. Search for wholeness…fix those things. Believe me, I know you may not have the energy, feel brave enough or know where to begin. I have been in exactly the place you are sitting. It’s excruciatingly painful. It’s exhausting. It’s frustrating. And it’s numbing. However, wholeness is better. You will need time. You will need support. You will need help. You will need courage.

But YOU can do this.

You must do this to break the continuum of bad relationships.

Anytime we come together with collective intention, it’s a powerful thing.

When we work smarter not harder, we can argue real life issues together and solve problems. Both sides who are willing to work together will make great progress.

And isn’t the the real reason we gather together anyway? To make life better, stronger, happier?

Let’s keep our focus. Let’s accomplish long lives of love, hope, and joy.

Start by walking together in agreement. I know you can!

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