Her Majesty’s Ship Wellington visits Bluff

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yesterday was anything but a normal day in Bluff.

normally, the streets are quiet with minor rumblings of tourists as they stroll along.

however, yesterday the town seemed to jump to  life.

there were cars and people every where.

Her Majesty’s New Zealand Ship Wellington was in port and extended a welcome to the area locals to come aboard for tours.

my grandfather was in the US Navy during WWII so i was interested in seeing what a NZ naval ship would be like.

so, we headed over to the port for a “bit of a nosey” as they say here.

Wellington is one of 12 in Her Majesty’s fleet.

she is one of 2 Offshore Patrol Vessels that conduct patrol and surveillance operations around NZ, the Southern Ocean and the Pacific.

“Our Navy is the guardian of New Zealand’s Maritime Domain. It is our job to ensure safe passage for New Zealand’s shipping, to safeguard our maritime environment, to protect our fisheries and other resources and to go to the aid of our neighbours in times of disaster and other need.

“We are prepared and able to go into harm’s way in combat; it is the high end of what embodies our fighting spirit and an expectation of those for whom we serve, all New Zealanders. “

-Chief of Navy Rear Admiral Jack Steer 

my grandfather, Benny Hartness, of the US Navy WWII

My grandfather, Benny Hartness, of the US Navy WWII

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