my afternoon with my camera

i spent the day home alone yesterday (remember i did a happy dance?).

i decided to grab my camera, take a drive and snap…snap…snap…

and i am sharing them with you today.

enjoy the photos…

maybe close your eyes imagine the smell of the sea air.

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4 thoughts on “my afternoon with my camera

  1. I did the photo snap today in 20 degree Michigan (windy, snowing, freezing) looking for a robin (I have seen 3 so far). I did, however NOT find a robin but instead found a dozen deer, 2 dozen turkeys and a spectacular sight at Lake Michigan…such frozen joy I had today!!!


    • That sounds fabulous! I hope we get to see the photos you took…in fact, I’m heading over to your blog to see if you posted them! If you didn’t, I hope you will in the future!

      You are brave to head out in 20 degree weather! Good on you!

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing this with me.


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