running with time



is your year going by as quickly as mine?

it’s already the middle of February and i am amazed at how quickly time seems to be passing.

i’m checking several things off of my goal list for this year but there is much to do in the near future.

each step of the way, i’m picking up a little more momentum….it feels like i’m running through most of my days.

how about you? is your schedule requiring that you pick up your pace a little? or a lot?

February is a short month and i think if i blink twice it’s going to be March…which means that a quarter of this year is nearly over.

my life seems to move quicker the older i get.

why is that?

“yes, why is that?”, i asked myself.

do you do that? get a question that niggles at your brain?

i do all the time and i can’t seem to let it go until i get an answer.

so, i turned to my good ole faithful…google.

as it turns out, I am not the only person in the world who has asked this question.

what i was able to narrow it down to is anticipation.

we all seem to anticipate things that are important to us; vacations, family or friends who are planning to visit, the beginning of summer, a new project, the arrival of a new child or goals.

each new event seems to be so far in the distance. before we blink, it arrives and is over.

looking back, we ask ourselves, “has it really been that long ago since that event occurred?”

the adding and passing of milestones in our lives, seems to cause time to appear to be accelerating.

is there a cure for this phenomena?

not really. it’s one of those things in life that must be accept and lived with.

managing it, however, is easier if we live each day to the fullest, prioritise our goals and take life one step at a time.

so, my year appears to be running away on me…

however, i can see that many things are on track and i will pick up the pace a little so that i don’t get left behind.

happy running!





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