how my day ended with me feeling like a star

they (whoever they are) say that change is as good as a holiday.

today, i think “they” might be right.

i’ve had a great start to my year. i feel very focused and although i am away from my blog a lot lately, i am getting some very important tasks completed.

i hope to be able to share some of my accomplishments with you, but at the moment my time is stringently ordered for me.

in fact, i haven’t even had the opportunity to take my yearly vacation (it is summer in NZ and many of my friends are getting away from the daily grind to rest and relax on their annual holiday. BTW, here, it is mandatory that everyone who works gets 4 weeks paid holiday from their job after 12 months!!! i think that is fabulous!)

it’s quite busy for us at work…which is a great problem to have when you own your own business.

however, i have had one nagging little “something” going on in my little woman world that was leaving my heart feeling like there’s something more to do.

now, in the scope of things important, it wouldn’t rank extremely high. yet, in the scope of a “heart” matter, it needed attention.

what was it?

bad hair days!

…too many to count over the recent past.

and girls, if we don’t feel good about our hair, no diet, new outfit or perfect make up application can set that right.


well, it is true for me.

so, it was nagging at me.

last night, i sat down to watch the SAGA Awards that i had recorded on my new cable technology (yes, i do realize it’s not new technology…i just recently caught up). during the red carpet portion of the program, i saw it. “it” being the hairstyle i wanted to try.

Jennifer Lawrence appeared with her new pixie hairstyle…

she looked stunning…

and i loved it.

so, i woke up today to one day-too- many bad hair days…

i jumped in my car, headed to the salon and presto-chango…

i had, something termed -“as good as a holiday”…change.
while, i’m no Jennifer Lawrence,

my husband looked at me as if i were the star in his love story. how great is that?

from time to time, we all need that little something that brings brightness to our life.

i can’t emphasize the importance enough of taking time out of your busy schedule to do that one thing that will lift your spirit, cheer your heart and put a little spark in your day.

it shows your heart that you understand just how important “you” are and that “you” are valuable.


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