it was something the Lorax said


i know, you can tell i had never seen the Pixar movie, The Lorax, until yesterday.

i have a confession to make: i think that when my children were little, i loved the Disney movies every bit as much as they did. i we owned every Disney movie made up to the point the kids seemed too old for them (about the time Shrek came out). i was gutted when we would go to the store for a special treat and i was told “no” a Disney movie was not on the list. sigh!

so, yesterday, when the grand babies were fast asleep, i was enthralled in this little cartoon movie that i had not yet seen. i might be 50-something but the little girl in my heart is alive and well.

and please, no lectures on wasting time…it was a guilty pleasure, yes it was…and i am not afraid to have one…and you shouldn’t either.

plus, i’m using it tonight to help write my blog…i know how to put a guilty pleasure to work…lol 😉

so, here goes…

there are so many things that we hold that seem, feel or look small and insignificant. the temptation to compare our small beginning with someone else’s full-grown result can just deflate the heart.

it’s not so much about what it is…it’s about what it can become.

an acorn…grows into a great oak tree.

the mustard seed (the smallest of all seeds)…grows to be the largest of herbs.

the tiniest amount of faith can do the miraculous.

growth is the key. taking hold of what you do possess…planting it (so to speak) -putting it to use…applying wisdom, knowledge and understanding…so that what you have can reach it’s full potential.

to see potential like this, you have to see with more than your eyes. it takes faith.

you don’t see the great oak tree by looking at the acorn; however, everything necessary to produce the tree dwells deep within that little seed…it’s all there. plant it, feed it and give it plenty of time…and all that it is meant to be develops and manifests.

do you know what is even more amazing? everything that you have the potential to become is deep inside of you…already within your very being.

so, give yourself a break…it’s not so much about what your are now…it’s what you can become.

that is marvellous in my book!


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