there is no change unless someone like you cares

my grand babies are staying at my house for a few days while their momma is at school and stepdad is working. it’s the school holidays for them and well, let me just say it’s joy for my heart.

today, we colored, painted, went for a walk to the park and sat on the beach in the sunshine. i am always amazed at how content children are just knowing an adult is focused on them a least for a few minutes at a time.

when we were exhausted, we headed home for a few moments of rest. the kids wanted to watch a movie called the Lorax. it’s a Dr Suess creation.

have you seen it? I hadn’t.

greed drove an entrepreneur to deplete the forest of trees for the sake of profit. this changed the world for future generations. years passed with no trees and the benefits they offer; beauty, wildlife and oxygen.

at the end of the movie, the entrepreneur provides a young boy a seed so he can plant a tree and make a change for his community.

cute story.

at the end of the movie, the quote above was listed.

i began to think about all the potential changes facing the world today and the many reasons, both good and bad, presented for why they should be made.

both sides of the argument feel strongly that their proposed change has merit, purpose and meaning. and, they fear the opposite argument for change.

some changes will occur for all the wrong reasons and have a great impact for generations to come.

but rather than fear…care. care enough to seek out what contribution you can make…because there is one. whining, becoming the victim or allowing a bad attitude to set up residence in your heart are not the answer.

maybe you can’t change the entire world.

yet, the change you can effect will make an impact.

start by guarding your heart.

gathering hatred, resentment, bitterness, offences and judgement is like collecting garbage. as we know, the longer we hang on to it, the more it stinks!

carrying around the hurt is like carrying around a bag of stinking, rotting trash! and it stinks. just ask a trusted friend, everyone gets a good whif…you can’t hide it.

it won’t produce the success you are longing for.

no matter how difficult your circumstances, that of your community or country, you can do something. anything is better than wallowing in a pile of rubbish.

i have read heartbreaking stories of women in third world countries who continue to strive to do all they can with far less resources than many of you and i flippantly dispose of with very little thought.

even our worst day is a day many people in the world are praying to have the opportunity to have.

accept the challenge. just look for the impact you can make. care deeply. grab opportunities- even small ones.


unless someone like you cares an awful lot, nothing is going to change. it’s not.

one thing you can do is to encourage those around you who are having a difficult time. share your resources and encourage and support each other. build community and make it through the hard times together.

help each other keep the stinky trash where it belongs…in the can and not in your heart!


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