What Your Words Reveal About You


For the mouth simply shapes the heart’s impulses into words.

-Jesus, Matthew 12:34, The Voice

i like how this is stated. we know how hard it is to control the tongue. it is described as an unruly member of our body. combine that concept with the impulses of the heart…you get a dangerous combination.

impulses are impetus. it is acting or doing something quickly and without thought or care; moving forcefully or rapidly: “an impetuous flow of water”.

we can site situations in our lives when impulsive behaviour, actions and yes, words do not bring the best of results.

whether we realise it or not, the words rushing out of our mouth is giving an indication of the contents of our heart…the real “us” deep in our inner being.

i once worked for a dentist, back home in the states, who sat quietly, his arms crossed, considering the situation at hand with great thought. i came to learn that when he did speak, i should consider carefully the words he was speaking because they carried wisdom, forethought, strength, authority and power. many times the truth in the words stung but the words did not. i have grown to understand that deep within his heart dwelt wisdom, knowledge, authority and strength. it flowed from his heart and he used his words to convey those contents very carefully.

he did not say everything on his mind (i’m sure). he didn’t give continual instruction and advice…but when he did, it was worth applying.

i remember i wanted to learn how to use the Microsoft Excel program. he simply pointed me in the right direction and told me to experiment with it and i would learn. i was so frustrated. yet, i did learn how to use the software plus i learned a lot about myself and problem solving that i would not have learned if he just shown me everything. wisdom was in his heart. he understood the importance of the search for knowledge…and he shared who he was with me. he did not have to demonstrate his knowledge and wisdom…he just pointed me in the direction that would lead me to us them.

he also told me one day that i needed to stop crying so much…basically, grow up and toughen up. he was kind and gentle but stern. the advice he gave me was a part of my journey toward healing the contents of pain in my own heart. he often listened to me ramble on about things. he listened and rarely gave me answers…but one day, in the midst of my tears…he gave this advice. kind of out of left field to me but not for him. it was an important piece of wisdom for my life. not at all the wisdom i thought i was looking for.

we can often attempt to use words to provide proof that we are important, powerful, strong and in control. these proofs lead us to speak of others in a way that only demonstrates that in our heart we are lacking true depth.

the following 3 keys will help:
1. guard your heart. fill your heart with good motivations and good will flow out of it.
2. be quick to listen
3. be slow to speak

these keys will help us work to prevent impulsive words.

what we say speaks volumes about the you and me that dwells in the heart. if hurt and pain fills our heart, our words will shape hurtful words; if pride then arrogant words and so forth. if our words are demonstrating something different than we want…we can work to make improvements. it will lead to better relationships, successful living and a kinder, gentler heart. those contents will be evident in what comes flowing out of our mouth.

please help me encourage others to take inventory of their heart and work toward improving a valuable life skill. i would appreciate it if you would share this post with your friends and family. consider working together to create stronger, healthier relationships…your world will be impacted toward becoming a better place.

have a good weekend,

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