a great lesson about shortcuts

20130830-222236.jpgshortcuts remove you from your path. i won’t say that every shortcut is worthless. in my travels, i have taken a by-pass on a highway to lessen the frustrations of slow traffic, stop lights and small town nuisances. it shaves some time off the trip. however, i have noticed that the scenic route is not usually on the by-pass…it’s in taking the extra time and effort, slowing down a little that the beauty of the journey is revealed.

it’s not always about the destination…it truly is about taking hold of the “NOW” that i am in, enjoying the journey- even when more difficult, that i find the hidden treasures that enrich my life more than i could have hoped for.

i often think of Joseph, a young Jewish boy who was sold into slavery but ended up as a prince in Egypt. his difficult journey taught him how to work with his hands, how to feel empathy for the slave,
how to show mercy for the merciless, how to survive difficulty, the need for true justice, how to discern matters, how to speak before government leaders, how to deal with corruption, how to relate to many classes of people, and many more valuable lessons that made him a great, compassionate and wise leader.

when faced with the “NOW” you are in, mixed with difficulty, resist the temptation of the shortcut…the difficult way may end up being the easier choice and most rewarding.

i invite you to pass this along to your friends, family and co-workers today. there is always room for improvement and it’s awesome to encourage each other along the way.

thanks for stopping by today,

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