how i managed to fill my day with joy

20130817-231754.jpgi have enjoyed reading the suspended coffee stories. i imagine myself in the person’s shoes who is on the receiving end of this kindness. i think how little a cup of coffee costs but how gigantic the warm coffee itself is for someone cold and living in the elements. whoever inspired this idea…my hat is off to you!

there aren’t any homeless that I know of in the area of NZ where I live. yet, I’ve been looking for a way to share this concept in my community.

i found a way today.

i was having my hair done when a lady walked in. she requested a hair cut. she was asked to have a seat as she would be attended to next.

when the hairdresser called the lady to her station, i heard the woman quietly say, “i can’t pay today. could i bring the money to you next week. i’m having such a hard time getting from one week to the next”.

i was so excited because there right in front of me was a precious opportunity.

i motioned to the hairdresser and told her that i would cover the cost.

we didn’t tell her who had done the random act of kindness. she was such a happy lady. when she left, the hairdressers and i had so much fun discussing all the ways this type of blessing would benefit our city.

i was shocked that my own bill was much less than expected that i decided we would start a suspended haircut plan for that salon. So, they have a gift certificate to use at their discretion for someone else in need.

later today, my husband asked me, “what happened to you today? you are so happy & bright…did something happen to put you in such a good mood?”

i smiled and told him that helping that lady today filled the entire rest of my day with joy, delight and happiness…and it was physically noticeable.

do you want to have an absolutely joyful day…do something for someone that they can’t do for themselves! the feeling can not be described!

I love this idea of suspended “….” (Fill in your own blank custom designed for your community)….share a little kindness, love and compassion.

i can’t stop smiling and i like it!


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