4 ways to make the most of desire and ensure the benefits outweigh the dangers

DSCF9441 the garden stroll last night was beautiful. the sky blazed with color. the air was crisp and cool. the mist began to kiss the ground.

as they strolled, Adam explained his decisions of the day. the Creator was amused by the names and laughed.

she shared the contents of her heart. He hugged her thanking her for the honesty and warmth. she didn’t want Him to go. where did He go anyway? how did He fill his day? her curiosity was stronger today.

in the tree groves yesterday, she noticed that many of the trees had produced well and she decided to gather some delights for a special feast. as she gathered, she tasted. sweet, sour, tangy, soft, crunchy, hard, creamy…she was having a fabulous time. she couldn’t wait to share this experience with her husband. she imagined the delight on his face as he partook of the delights she would present.

“what about these?” she knew that voice.

where was he? she glanced around but went on gathering because she hadn’t noticed him perched high among the branches.

“why aren’t you collecting these? aren’t they beautiful? i think these would be perfect.” 024 then she saw him. long and lean bathing in the warm sunshine. galiently posed.

(it is here that i wonder how a conversation could have taken place. perhaps there was communication between all living creatures because she does not appear to be surprised at his approach.)

“they are magnificent, true. not those. those belong to the creator. they are His alone.”

“why is that? why would He withhold them from you? i’ve seen how happy He is with the two of you. He wouldn’t mind. surely not.”

“it’s a special tree. He has said that if we ever eat from it we will die.”

“die? what does “die” mean?”

“i’m not sure but the answer is no. we don’t eat the fruit of that tree.”

“really? look at how beautiful it is. what could be the harm? how would He even know?”

“apparently, it provides knowledge between good and evil.”

“and He doesn’t want you to have that? why? would it make you like Him? I thought He created you like Him? why would He not want you to have this “knowledge” He has? doesn’t make sense to me.”

” i don’t know. Adam is certain and has told me not to even touch it.”

“don’t touch it? well, i’ve touched it. i’m sitting in it and nothing has happened to me. in fact, the blossoms smell devine. the scent is much sweeter than the other trees. come here, smell.” DSCF0911 he was right.

the aroma filled her nostrils and the sensations was not like any other plant in the garden. in fact, the fruit was beautiful, brilliant and colourful. she had been so concerned about not going near the tree that she had not considered how truly desirable it was.

she was considering it now.

it was pleasing in every way.

she wondered…

the snake is actually sitting in the tree…would she be fine as well? surely, if she touched it but didn’t eat it…what could be the harm?

she reached.

it was amazing. not only was it beautiful but the texture was smooth and soft.

she smelled it again. that smell ignited something inside her. her mouth watered with desire.

“it must be sweet and succulent. but no.” she released the fruit and turned away.

“i can’t.”

“of course, you can. look, i touched the tree and i’m fine. you touched it. nothing happened. maybe you misunderstood.”

something had happened. she had never given much thought to this tree, its fruit or the instruction. yet, now something inside her desired to taste it. the smell of the blossoms and the brilliant colors were inviting. this feeling was strong. she had never felt like this before.

terrified…she dropped her bounty and ran. something felt very different.

she ran to sit among the flowers. they were beautiful and aromatic. she needed to think.

why? why would He not want us to have this fruit? she felt confused. she had never felt like this before. DSCF0926 she sat thinking of the moments at the tree.

she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

her mind felt clearer when she awoke.

it was getting late and she needed to gather the bounty she had dropped. her husband would be returning soon.

when she saw Adam coming, she waved him over to the feast she had prepared. she was right, he seemed pleased by the spread of beautiful fruits, berries and delights she had collected from the garden.

“the garden is producing bountifully. i think the Creator will be pleased. everything is multiplying so well. do you think He will be pleased?”

“of course, He will.”

“the blossoms on the tree in the centre of the garden smell so different than the other trees. the fruit is so full. shouldn’t we gather some for the Creator?”

“no! do not go near that tree! it is very important to Him that we leave it alone.”

“why? i don’t see the harm.”

“it’s the only thing He has asked us not to do. it doesn’t matter why.”

that answer only made her more curious. she didn’t like it. 20131101-214031.jpg as the days went by, her questions increased.

her feelings were changing as well.

she felt a strong tug for what she could not have.

her heart was somehow not as content.

she compared the fruit she could have to what she could not.

it caused her to want it more.

desire was building.

and what was this knowledge that the Creator was keeping to Himself?

maybe she needed it as well.

why was it good for Him but not her?

was there a reason?


desire gets us all fired up.

there are some benefits to desire…of course, there are!

for the sake of desire:

we will complete challenging goals,

chase our dreams,

and work hard for what we want.

there are also some dangers:

desire can trick us into believing that what we want will bring full happiness. happiness comes from within and not everything that we think will bring happiness, will.

desire can cause us to throw caution to the wind. we can tend to disregard our own values and life standards, make irresponsible choices, forget common sense and wisdom.

desire can drive us without resulting in satisfaction. many addictions work this way. the desire becomes so overwhelming that we succumb  but are left disappointed.

so, how do we make the most of desire to ensure the benefits outweigh the dangers?

1. allow desire to motive you but be realistic about the end goal and the amount of satisfaction that will result. is it more about the pursuit than obtaining it?

2. step back and make a realistic assessment of your desire and what you hope to achieve. assess if obtaining the object of your desire truly fits into your goals overall.

3. remind yourself that some of the most satisfying feelings do not come from getting but from giving.

4. remember where true joy and satisfaction comes from…it is rarely from what you can obtain…it’s a matter of the heart.

most of us love the “thrill of the chase”…

we need to make sure that what we “catch” is really worthwhile.

i hope you have a great start to your week.







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