it’s a bright, bright, bright sun shiny day

baby oysters/insight from a woman's heart

i’ve spent the last couple of days working on the marine farm with the guys taking care of these little fellas. these are our babies. they require nurturing because they are so little right now. so, i agreed to go out on the water…only because it was sunny and the sea was completely flat.

farming is the life for me/insight from a woman's heart

this is me in my “marine farming attire”. i didn’t get a call from my agent (rather “an” agent cause i don’t actually have one) to star in a movie, and Kate Middleton has the princess role stitched up…so, that leaves me to live my own life and sometimes, i look like this. days like this my high heels, pretty dress, make-up and well styled hair are not practical. it’s an ugly hair day. i am fine with that. i even went into the grocery store yesterday in my overalls…”i thought why not?” (no, it wasn’t Walmart). i like to give my “pride” a reality check every once in a while.

bluff harbour/insight from a woman't heart

i thought i would share some of the beauty that made work a bit more fun. this is Bluff Harbour, NZ.

isle/insight from a woman's heart

walking to the boat ramp…

shore view/insight from a woman's heart

leaving shore

flat sea and sunshine/insight from a woman's heart

calm water and sunshine

sun/insight from a woman's heart

i really wanted to see some critters but the divers prefer i didn’t while they are in the water

good day/insight from a woman's heart

my husband away with his creative thoughts…

sailboat/insight from a woman's heart

i feel pretty lucky to have such beauty in my life.

shark cage/insight from a woman's heart

my sunny day in the middle of the NZ winter…

i hope your day is just a beautiful.

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